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  1. So, I have recently acquired a project which has had some questionable mods made. It's been running and driving for years but an electrical issue has taken it off the road for now and in the course of sorting the electrical issues other things have been discovered. The engine is a Evo 1-3 7 bolt engine, and the gearbox is what looks like a Starion gearbox. Now here's where the questionable mods come into play, being the box for a wide block engine and the Evo engine is a narrow block, a previous owner has "modified" the block to mount to a wide block gearbox. They have also used 2x Evo sandwich plates with a couple of bolts to hold the starter in position for the evo flywheel since the position of the starter is different on the starion box. This is far from ideal. My question is, is there a flywheel or ring gear I can use so I can mount the starter in the correct position? Box is still in car so I will need to pull the box off to get any sort of measurements if required.
  2. @bonkas you could try this out, it looks simple enough: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/adrianos_botis/automotive-engine-rev-limiter-9c05cc
  3. heya team, I'm currently preparing my car for it's tune, just want people to check over the specs and see if there's anything else I should think of? Trying to build a reliable vehicle rather than something with heaps of power... Anyway here's the specs: 4g63bt - fresh rebuild - ACL bearings etc. Going to run in on dyno with Motul 10w40 mineral & going to be running Motul V300 10w40 for the rest of tune Tuning on 98 Gull Force10 Balance shafts machined/weights removed Multipoint intake manifold - 62mm throttle body 800cc Denso injectors - probably overkill, ordered 650's and they sent me the wrong ones SARD adjustable fuel reg Bosch 044 fuel pump TD05 16g - rebuilt & balanced 38mm GFB external wastegate 3 port MAC valve for boost control GFB Hybrid BOV Bosch HEC715 coils Microtech X4 igniter NGK BP7ES Plugs 105amp alternator Water to air intercooler setup 60mm half size radiator New heavy duty clutch May have missed some things, but any recommendations would be great
  4. Lol better turn my limiter down, I've been revving mine to 8k
  5. Yeah within 150mm of hinges will fail, unfortunately! Doors on these cars are prone to rust
  6. Doors shouldn't affect WOF as long as the rust isn't around the hinges. Good to see another Mirage getting some TLC!
  7. @frogwhitt yeah that's what I want to avoid, measuring up I could see no way a full rad was gonna fit. I've seen that V6 MKII mirage and they cut the front up a lot to fit a full-width radiator which I wasn't a fan of.
  8. @frogwhitt I'm looking to do the same conversion, sohc 4g63T into mirage with supershift box, what did you do with the radiator situation? I was thinking of running an alloy honda radiator, thoughts?
  9. Cheers Tai! jack just the hatch? Any other panels?
  10. I'm looking at replacing the doors on my '82 Mitsi Mirage 4Dr Hatch (original shaped Mirage) & I've some doors off a Mirage II sedan, does anyone know if they'll fit? Visually they don't look any different, but I'm unable to view them in person due to distance (I'm in Kaitaia, doors are near Taupo). Cheers
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