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  1. Do you know what a fair price would be for one with the bell housing clutch kit correct folk and flywheel? Sorry guys I dont know much about this stuff
  2. when you say the best you can afford what boxes are we talking about? there's so many are r154 and w56 up there seen a few of those around i think they are both toyota what about gearstick placement foward and back? Thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me what manual boxes I can put on a chevy 307 in a kingswood ute prefer 5 or 6 gears and least about of modification Thanks Jesse
  4. Are there newer types that bold on or do I have to modify my manifold? For now I'll just get it running standard, and actually get it in a car
  5. That's plenty for the old gto I only need that at the fly, 170 probably be heaps for me! What does putting the tco5 exhaust part on do for it?
  6. Oh yea I'm not sure what model it's out of. I know it has the tco6 turbo. If I went to mpi would I then need to go to an aftermarket ecu ect? It's got an mpi manifold on it atm, I was gonna put the original one back on and run it standard at 10-12 psi boost
  7. I had another gearbox which should be identical to the one in the car I counted the splines the car one was 20 or 21 the starion was 24 and the gear lever was about 30mm out but should clear just though the tunnel hole. I thought I seen somewhere that you can swap the tails of the gbox maybe I miss read it. Yea I guess the next thing is to see if I can get hold of a yoke end that fits the gbox
  8. Oh yea did you do the gearbox aswel? The output shaft on my two boxes are different sizes so not sure what I'll need to do there to hook into the driveshaft The car it's going into is cable anyway so that's an easy one for me
  9. Couple questions for the rwd mitsi guys, Are the mounting points on a wide gearbox the same as a narrow? What to do about the output splines being different sizes? Can I just unbolt the back parts (gear stick part) on the box an swap them sorry I don't know the technical names for these parts Is a wide box stronger than a narrow? Will the g63b turbo make 200hp with standard parts? ECi manifold What is the redline for one of these motors? Any help appreciated thanks, Jesse
  10. Some photos of gto an spare parts I have all the internal lining plus spares no cracks in dash board there are spare gauges dash clusters diff gbox boot rear glass ect too much to list
  11. So what would this got be worth unfinished sitting in a shed?
  12. So what would this car be worth sitting in a shed unfinished????
  13. http://www.oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=25310 hey im Jesse, above is a link to my gto please feel free to leave any comments or ideas
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