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  1. gto1973

    1973gto 1973 mitsubishi gto

    Some photos of gto an spare parts I have all the internal lining plus spares no cracks in dash board there are spare gauges dash clusters diff gbox boot rear glass ect too much to list
  2. gto1973

    gto1973 1973 mitsubishi gto

    So what would this got be worth unfinished sitting in a shed?
  3. gto1973

    1973gto 1973 mitsubishi gto

    So what would this car be worth sitting in a shed unfinished????
  4. gto1973

    tig welders .

    @ yoeddynz if you want to put a ball on the end of your tungsten turn the cleaning % right upon the machine, crank up the welder start it then stop it when ball forms. don't let it get more that 1.5 times the size of your tungsten or you will get an unstable arc hope this helps
  5. gto1973

    tig welders .

    is the wiring in a house not 15 amps? i thought it was just that the plugs are rated to 10 my shed fuse is 15 havnt checked what the fuses in the shed are though and all my house power fuses are 15 or 20?
  6. gto1973

    tig welders .

    i have an xcel arc mig 160 i think it came with 15 amp plug i just made an adapter with some thick lead down to a 10 amp male have had no problems with tripping or anything it goes awsome welds alloy way better than my cousins 180 miller so hes borrowing it. im looking at a tig and think im gona go with the xcel arc on the other page mainly because iv had no probs with mine tradezone sell them so good service and iv seen there older tig welders out doing kempi welders in the amps an duty cycle
  7. gto1973

    SOHC 4G63 Woes!

    i dont have an answer for you but i have a gto with same engine and it does the same thing generally starts all good 1st time but after that it only just turns over
  8. gto1973


    Best touch discs are good there a 3mm grinding disc bit safer than cutting discs i dnt no what they cost though
  9. gto1973

    1973gto 1973 mitsubishi gto

    welded up bottom of my right hand door today went shoping at new bunnings in hawera yesterday bought me a new work radio
  10. gto1973

    1973gto 1973 mitsubishi gto

    more work on the gto tonight finished the welding on both guards put one guard in place to see what it looks like. i havnt seen it like this in ages!! bottom of guard
  11. gto1973

    1973gto 1973 mitsubishi gto

    done 6 hrs between me and the oldman today on the gto put the door back on the left side lined it upp ready for finishing and worked on left guard have got one piece to weld on then ready to go bak on car to be finished
  12. gto1973

    automatic transmission help needed

    thanks fuel i shal try that tomorrow should have done it today but i forgot
  13. gto1973

    automatic transmission help needed

    for a listing? yea i was i thought about that but then i was told that the car should still engage and move only slowly but move anyway i am nt sure if this is true or not. if it was electrical would that stop the pump from working? my understanding is that the pump does the same rpm as the engine? so shouldnt it always be pumping? before i changed it the old transmission was pumping heaps of fluid and it was the torque converter that was buggered, an im thinking that iv gone and put this new transmission in thats got a buggerd pump? is there a way for me to check if its electrical? sorry about all the questions guys
  14. gto1973

    automatic transmission help needed

    haha yea i have al he saidthe whole convo was you must have wrecked it an that i had to fix it mechanic is gona look at it tomorrow if he thinks iv dne nothing wrong ill be taking it back. i dont know how well this is gona turn out for me but i thought he was a wan### on the phone