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  1. Voted! Gives me motivation to get the statesman legal. Shit I may even update the thread!
  2. Have you considered the Leyland 4.4 V8? Just make up some 19mm spacers for the efi manifold and enjoy an extra 900cc
  3. Yes the early models were BW35s Later ones were trimatics... ( would like one to run in my P76)
  4. I agree but If done right they can look quite good Taking a bit of inspriration from this car
  5. Im yet to meet any members in person , they seem to be a good bunch... but yes they definitely fit the description of "Barrys". If you cant beat'em Join em!
  6. Yes it is aspen greeen. At some point in its life it was repainted in a slightly lighter shade. As a result of acquiring the car ive ended up joining the NZ P76 club, they have given me a full history of the car dating back to the late 80's. Its been through a number of owners in its time but at some stage it languished in the elements of wellington for about 10 years until the people I bought it from brought it down south. And I bought it from them . Random thing is though given its history its only done 74000 ks from new.
  7. Not sure if I want it to stay green! Unless its the factory booger lime green a.k.a Leyland Hairy Lime!
  8. So It sat on my front lawn for a few months until we got it going so it could go in the garage in the back yard since it moved into the garage i have slowly pulled it apart and tagged and bagged every little thing. So now it looks like this.
  9. Nah its not a Targa , just an exec with the stripes
  10. They certainly have room for more activities in the boot.
  11. Dont have a Drum to put in. I will upload a boot shot later in the day as currently working on it.
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