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  1. cheers mate , looking forward to seeing how it works out for you. I might do the same on my car when the time comes .
  2. Love what you've done with the ignition system, I'm in a similar position as my Holden V8 Hei distributor module has started to pack up. What you've done has given me something to think about. Would you be able to show a diagram on how youve wired it in? no pressure!
  3. Thank you I'll look into it ! enough of my threadjacking, Which engine are you planning to drop into your MKII?
  4. oh dear! Sorry Mate, I'll have to pass I need the rear roof gutter intact aswell! Thank you for your time! I'lll keep looking for another roof cut
  5. If your willing to do that! That'd be Awesome! I only need the rear 3rd of the roof and the top half of the C pillars, If thats doable, of course!
  6. Well done on finding a MKII! There arent many about! I'm going to be cheeky and ask what is the top the rear windscreen like on the yellow shell?
  7. Hey Indy My wife has an XJ40 on our driveway awaiting repairs. Does your self leveling suspension in the rear work? Fantastic cars, go well too (when they do go)
  8. Hi Alex ! This is excellent and I look forward to seeing what you do with it!
  9. its ok Ive only tested it out on a scrap bonnet with some .8mm flux core wire for shits and giggles still need to get a gas bottle and reg. It does the job nicely!
  10. I bought the same welder myself a month ago!
  11. No worries, Please let us know how you get on! once they're set up they are quite good, particularly when cruising.
  12. Ok then! here we go. I'll do my best to explain this and hopefully it makes sense. I'm going to assume that the carb and Ignition system are in good working order and the quaddie is Jetted up correctly for your setup I set my mixture screws out 3.5 turns. My car wouldnt start on any less, Start engine, warm her up, Next get out your timing gun, Yep thats right set your base timing this is important in order get the right mixture at Idle. Advance your timing giving the odd blip of the throttle until the engine response is sharp and crisp ( for me this was at 12* BTDC , Depending on ho
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