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  1. Took this thing for a WOF today. It failed the last WOF check with the previous owner for rust in the doors, thought I’d give it a go myself though IT PASSED CLEAN SHEET! Maybe the last wof guy was a bit more pedantic about it. Idk, but I’m happy. Obviously still want to fix the rust on the doors, but atleast I don’t have to worry about driving around without a warrant now Replaced a few more bits on it the other day too. New Condenser, Dizzy cap, Points, and Rotor. Was having a hard time starting it the other morning, so thought I’d replace these bits. Pretty sure it was the Condenser. Starts better than ever before now! No new pictures to post unfortunately
  2. I just got an HKB one from Scarles
  3. Oh awesome! If they play up again, I’ll just splash out for some new ones
  4. Gave this thing a bit of a birthday today. Oil and filter change, new fuel filter, new plugs and also adjusted the timing as it was way out Fitted a 330mm Woodgrain Nardi Steering wheel that I had sitting around too I also had to try and unjam the drivers door lock, as it wouldn’t unlock! Have had to do this twice already since I’ve had it, and I’ve only had it a week lol. It happened the day I got it. I just took the doorcard off, sprayed some wd40 on and she was good to go. That only lasted a few days though, so have had to do it again Anyone else had issues with the door locks?
  5. Yeah I thought so. Besides a couple of other small spots, the rest of the car is relatively rust free though which is good!
  6. Unfortunately, the rust is around the hinges on all 4 doors haha. Shouldn’t be too hard to fix though I don’t think Its at the bottom corners of the doors. Pretty sure anything within 150mm of the hinges is a fail though yeah?
  7. Gave the interior a quick clean this afternoon. Would really like to give the seats a good wash at some point, when I get the motivation Hoping to try take it in for a wof check this week. A couple of the doors are pretty rusty though, so I’m probably going to have to fix/replace them If anyone on here is wrecking one of these, or has parts, flick me a message!
  8. Yeah it’s pretty sweet! It’s like driving a baby truck haha. I’m sure the novelty of it will probably wear off in a couple weeks though lol
  9. Seats are a bit faded, and the rear vision mirror is broken, but it’s pretty tidy considering it’s age. I’ve got a woodgrain Nardi steering wheel laying around that I think I’ll put on it too
  10. Cheers mate. Yeah bone stock, only done 145 ks too. There’s a few wee things I want to fix up on it, but I’m pretty happy with it!
  11. Been pretty inactive on here for the last few years, as I’ve been staying away from old cars that tend to do my head in. But I’ve fallen into the trap again, and picked up this 1981 Mitsubishi Mirage! Has the Supershift gearbox too Have wanted one of these for years. Was looking at buying a reliable modern hatchback to daily, then stumbled across this and could help myself It has no wof, as it failed the last one on the rust in the doors. Other than the doors being rusty though, it pretty bloody tidy! So first of all, I need to get it a warrant. Then at this stage, the plan is to just slam on a set of 14 inch wheels. Then I’ll see where I go from there! Heres a couple pics anyway
  12. What are the specs on the Advans out of curiosity? Fitment looks good!
  13. Oh wicked. Will see how I go finding a polisher, and I'll give you a yell if I decide to go ahead with it!
  14. I have a set of ssr sp1rs with black faces. I'm looking to get the paint stripped, and the faces polished but not too sure where to go. Does anyone that does that sort of thing, or would know where would be a good place to get it done? Cheers