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  1. looks to have a fairly decent amount, just wider spread from the fat hub makes it look like fewer.
  2. hey steeb yes its a 2+2 i know
  3. looks like my anus
  4. so i painted it white and it looked like this: But the white was off so it bugged me, rather than redoing it creamy i figured i'd try pink, what a fail. so now im going have to paint it back too white again haha, will try get the shade right this time
  5. i thought the 3.5s would fuck it, but they came with the kit so figured i'd try them haha. yea im kinda just winging it at this stage cause my care level is low, should read more into roller weights. i've only gained 5k out of this variator which surprises me as most people claim 15k increase
  6. i ran some 3.5 rollers in mine and it revved its tits off and barely moved. once you got to 50 it was alright but sucked till then. (potentially hitting limiter and lack of zaust?) i went back to stock and its good all round now, with a little extra speed from the new variator. might try up the weight to get more speed/or a new belt
  7. Have you met me yet haha On me af18 i scrape the stand on speedbumps thats it, probs dont ride that fast tho lol
  8. Bin those springs
  9. As mentioned above yea pretty much same shit as you, still haven't biffed on the variator yet as I needa borrow stans impact gun. I did a lean test haha and it didn't hit, but also the steerings gone pretty funky so idk if I'd wanna be binning it into corners at this stage
  10. Lowered it, plans to run no spring front got put on hold after finding that the front shocks are seized shut, so currently just sketchily dropped down in the triple clamp. rear is sweet with the ab11 shock which is a wee bit stiffer
  11. My last scooter was solid sus all round, didnt bother me much. But as said im going short shock rear so that should make up for the lack of sus front. I wouldve grabbed some ali ones but i couldnt find any round 200mm, all seem to be 260+ when stock is 250(note if anyone is better at searching than me, i need the offset lower mount to clear tyre).
  12. Will fit the springs then haha. Yea im not looking for anything super wild performance wise. brakes need a bit of attention, drums front are shocking. factory airbox is already gone which pissed me right off, managed to argue the dealer down because of this. Not really phased on noise tbh but id rather not have to piss round with tuning it for a pod. ive read a bit about roller weights. They sound like a pain, but will get to that when i have too
  13. DJ-1 was my second choice after an af18 since we didnt get tacts here. so sweet