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I need help from 3y gurus

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I’ve got a 97 Toyota hiace truck (dyna 100) with a 3y with all these emissions crap on it. I only got it 2 months ago with 19,000 kms on it now it’s 26,000 and started to miss under load or real shit idle when cold. I’ve done leads,coil,plugs, had carb taking off and cleaned, drained and cleaned tank,lines and new filter. So I’m here to ask if anyone knows the answer to these questions 

1) can I just dump the carb and all the shit that goes with it and just chuck in a manual choke carb?

2)if i ditch the emissions control and carb will the dizzy with internal coil be sweet or will I need to change back to a normal type coil?


I’ve asked around but I’ve just pretty much got told to convert to different motor because 3ys are thirsty and slow.

any help would be much appreciated 

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I had this with the 2y in my townace. It's likely to be a vacuum leak.

Specifically look at the vac port on number 2 cylinder inlet manifold. It has 3 or 4 lines coming off it.

I got a carb off a NZ new engine and bolted it on, it did exactly the same thing as before until I welded up that port.

You can get a Weber carb and adaptor but they are spendy.

There may have been some shenanigans around the dizzy, I can't remember.

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plenty of NZ new Y-series engines, see if you can find carb and manifold
had 3Y in YN57 hilux ute, and was as cheap to run as my 5L diesil hilux, and 7AFE corolla

i had the crappy emissions nonsense on an early incarnation of 3T silliness, and was a prick for miss/ carb icing, richening/leaning, so fitted NZ new carb manifold... too easy

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Did the same with my emission spec import hiace. Got a carb off a NZDM hiace bolted straight on. Blocked off excess vac ports and ripped out all the gubbins/solenoids. Didnt worry about the dizzy. Powered up the auto choke clock spring thing and it worked perfect off the bat. Ran way nicer with better economy, would start and idle fine with the idle dropping back as it warmed up.

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