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Gaz's CT90 "Pork Chop Express"


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Lately Ive been having a clearout of stuff that I really dont need, that includes unfinished projects. So to help things along I bought an old CT90 frame and front end.

Plans for the bike are to strip it to bare minimum, Lifan it and ride the fuck out of it at the waimak tracks. There will be some small bits of fabricating but nothing too extreme and keep it quite simple and tasteful. The theme of the bike is The Pork Chop Express from the 80s movie Big Trouble in Little China. I have a thing for 80s movies, I named my poo brown C50 after Sexual Chocolate from Coming to America




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A while back I cut and machined some 25x50 RHS to make a swing arm, just to see how it would work out. So I jigged it up and glued it together. I still need to notch the brace to allow for more movement as it currently hits the frame under full load. Ive got a pair of Aliexpress Ohlins knock off shocks to go on too  



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After contemplating on what engine to put in I decided on a manual Lifan 125. The mounting holes are different and some minor cutting around the mounts was needed to make it fit snug. I left the top hole as is but redrilled the frame to accept the bottom mount and reinforced it with a heavy washer welded to it.


I dropped the frame and other parts off to the blasters the frame came back a little worse for wear. various amounts off peppered metal which were cut out and replaced with new steel. Even though its an offroad hack I still like to have my bikes looking half decent. I got a replacement swingarm cheap that needed some surgery due to the previous owner running the rear wheel loose.







225834733_10158478295403857_4255237386583116423_n (1).jpg

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I got given these footrests from a mate, the sidestand mount had snapped off so i made up a new one and fizzed it on. When I went to paint the foot pegs the small tube that the clevis pin goes through had detached from both of them so I fizzed them up too. A lick of epoxy enamel later and they are good to go.

When i was over in one of the sheds I grabbed a spare 19inch wheel and tyre I had on a CT185 and put it on temporarily while I get the wheels blasted and powdercoated. The fork shrouds were painted and fitted today as well. Having them both painted the same colour made the front end look longer than it was so i painted the headlight mounts hammered finish silver to match the dimple died panels and the lowers satin black. I'm really happy with the outcome 




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