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Aubz ducati monster 400

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Possiblely gona be the worst financial decision of my 2021 haha.

Just brought today. As non runner.

With a can of u better start or eles in a can and more than enough back fires it actually ran and reved out fine.

Had to turn off as was making me deff hahha.

Still been a egg to start but atlest ive had started today.

Probably will have too pull carbs off and clean or maby the fuel line somewea blocked abit.



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On 17/01/2021 at 13:50, Kimjon said:

Gotta love a ducati. Well, except the belt changes every 2 years... But super cool!!

Cheers im lucky it just had the belts changed before i got it 

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Random ride day....

Ran mint from palmy to wanganui via hunterville and fordell.

And then when pulled over the battery suddenly dosnt want to hold charge had to jump start of mates bike.

Ohhh and left the fuel tap on at a mates place accidentally. and stoped at a stop light. And it decided to overfuel the carb and pore fuel over my hot as motor hahah. Well that was  aclose one. Drained the fuel bowl. And now seems ok. Note to self turn fuel tap off. Its a werd aftermarket one.

But other than it needing a couple jumps and wanting to catch fire on me it ran well all day hahha.


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Bike did good.

Ride home from wanganui to palmy via marton and helcome. At feilding she conked out. Crash started ok tho ran home battery has completely given up and made bike ran off fo the last couple kms. But made it home. Stole my yamahas battery and started straight up and seemed to iddle and rev fine. So ill sus a new battery 

Did a oil change the morning off that i left palmerston also



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