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Cute Wee Gem's Dyno build

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Super easy to set up and use so far. I've had a quick play with the retarder and that all seems to be working good, but I need to tweak the PID settings before I can do the proper MOI calibration.

Software itself is pretty simple to use also, and seems to have all the features I'd want. Never used a dyno before this, so can't really compare to anything else.

Can't do too much more fiddling until I can get my sparky to come wire up some extraction fans etc after the holidays. It gets pretty noxious in there lol.

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On 30/12/2020 at 13:00, rusty360 said:

The roller unit must have some serious bolts into the floor to stop it trying to flip backwards.

Looks awsome man, is it tricky to get car on the roller in the right place.

Are you going to do some tuning or is it just for a play.

Epic build 

Thanks. I'm definitely going to do some tuning work. It is a little tricky to get the car on square but I might put some tape lines on the floor or something to help guide when reversing, other than that, you can tweak it with the straps

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On 23/11/2020 at 20:27, cute wee gem said:

According to my rough math it should suck about 80-100kw + another 5kw (for the retarder rotors) to accelerate the roller over a 6 second ramp run. But not only am I not an engineer, I'm also not a mathematician lol

Interesting to note that with the gem on it, the brake was at 0% until the very last 1500rpm in that run where it ramps up to 20 to end the run, which took 7.5 seconds.

Seems to have more inertia than I expected.


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