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Aluminium tig welding

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Hi, anyone in chch able to do a small amount of aluminium tig welding? Have a couple of stihl concrete saws that need small repairs, one just needs a mounting point reattached and the other a stud mount broke that needs building up so I can put an new stud in.. Cheers. 

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4 hours ago, JustHarry said:

Is the piece needing repair cast aluminum?

I can prob do it although welding cast ali is a gamble at the best of times. Is often contaminated inside the metal and just blows out for no reason.

How replaceable are the pieces?



Yeah I guess it's cast, one is the top handle mount on the actual crankcase and the other is the spindle mount so not worth bying new.. These don't actually effect the saw, just think it's worth the repair.. 


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