Blower motor Mazda Capella 1989

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Hay all!

My blower motor in Mazda doesn't work, so I start hunting down what could be. Found some different threats about Blower motor resistor and so on, but still couldn't fix the problem.


I took out Blower motor, connect to 12 V and works fine.


I took out blower motor resistor and have no idea if it's good or not (check pictures). I clean it a bit, but still quite rusty. I tried with instrument and it has ~0.5Ω on some pins. I thought that green stuff could be some kind of corrosion but guy at wreck shop said that is isolation?





So I took instrument and start checking if there is any 12 V on connector, but nothing get's there. So when I change my switch level from 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 nothing happens and there is no 12V on any of connectors (I checked on Blower motor and resistor). But when I change to position 1 and 2, ECO light goes ON and radiator fan start working, on position 3 and 4 light go OFF and radiator fan stop working. I don't know how those things are connected? Otherwise my radiator fan work after my temperature goes above 90 (or whenever thermostat open it).


So my questions are:

1. Is that Blower motor resistor looks good or should I change it? Where could I find one? Been to local wreck shops and they have same as my (old rusty), but couldn't found new one.

2. How can I test existing Blower motor resistor if it works?

3. Where should I get 12 V before goes to resistor? I saw on Mazda forum that on position 4 (full speed) that should bypass resistor and motor should work.

4. Any other solution how to get it work? No I won't change car :grin:


p.s. It's Mazda Capella (626) Cargo, 1989, 2.0 diesel

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Green stuff is factory to keep the coil windings apart. Use a test light to check for power, meters can give false readings on stuff like this. Looks like there is a circuit breaker in there? The 2 terminals on their own. The resistor circuits are usually the 4 pin plug. 1 in 3 out.

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46 minutes ago, governorsam said:

Also check where the terminals are riveted on, bit of solder can fix that. Common point for corrosion 

I checked all terminals and looks good, no mark of corrosion. I'll check with light as you said. Thanks


25 minutes ago, ajg193 said:

Have you checked your fuses?

Yes, forgot to mention that - first thing that I checked.

The only thing that I didn't check is Blower motor relay, because I don't know where it is. I checked workshop manual now, but still have no clue where that could be.

Page 1062 - 626 & MX-6/Work Shop Manuals/PDF/1992 US Workshop Manual_OCR.pdf 




Thanks for help guys!

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So today I managed to fix some things. Now blower is working on position 3 and 4 - which is a progress. As I assumed, the problem was at blower motor relay, which I couldn't find the other day. I follow workshop manual step by step, checking wires and voltage, and everything is ok now. The problem is still with blower motor resistor. I check ohms on terminals, and couldn't get results from 2 terminals - I assumed that is damaged.

So my question now is, where could I find a new one? Any helpful link? Thanks

Position of relay


One of the connection was broken


So I changed all connectors with new


p.s. Workshop manual 626 & MX-6/Work Shop Manuals/PDF/1992 US Workshop Manual_OCR.pdf

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We used to replace 100's of the resistors on those Mazda's when I did my time. But generally they would only work on a single speed if at all when they were faulty.

Have you tried mazda to see if they have them new still?

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Nah, didn't bother anymore. Couldn't find it on ebay or so I'm satisfied with speed 3 and 4 :D 

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