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  1. Fr3Ak

    Fiat 126p - Niki

    Oh forgot to show video of rally. So after the rally I got a private message on Facebook, that one guy want to give me his Fiat 126p if I want. I asked him about details, but he was just saying: "It was from grandmother, I don't know the condition of the car, but before she passed away she was driving with it. Come take a look, and if you want I give it for free." I couldn't sleep for few days, and after a month or so, we finally went to pick up another Fiat 126p. Parked out from garage Loaded on truck Back home Brothers Than I started cleaning My friend polished it for me Driving around with it and figure it out that rear breaks need a bit of attention - quick fix So yes, car is running ok - he should get some attention but for short distance is good. Otherwise it is 1981, with the same 650ccm 2 cylinder engine, produce all 24 horse power. The only difference with one I've been to rally is that they got different bumpers - older models hat chrome, newer had plastic. Later on there were also Fiat 126p BIS, which was 700ccm and watercooled. Also interior was different. Thats all about Fiats maybe some Opels later if anyone is interested?
  2. Fr3Ak

    Fiat 126p - discussion

    Currently in Blenheim. Definitely when we will be in your area will contact you, and will stop by. I love your car list Otherwise I'm a fan of Opel, so we got something in common. Maybe I should rename my topic and show all the car's that I own before I came to NZ?
  3. Fr3Ak

    Fiat 126p - discussion

    You probably mean Zastava or FSM? This one is FSM
  4. Fr3Ak

    Fiat 126p - discussion

    Copy / paste from their webpage: FREE admission for 2 people in touring. Administrative fees apply. The Bamako Spirit category is intended to keep the original founding spirit of the rally alive. Come in a cheap car. Come in an old car. Come in a junky car. Come in a vehicle that makes people smile.Be funny. Be creative. Be adventurous. Bring an ambulance, fire truck or similar vehicle. Be different and have a big a heart.Tell us your plan and come for free! (If additional people want to join the team they will have to pay the entry fees.Entries in this category can not be transferred. The promises that you make in your video will be checked before you get your roadbook and numbers).There is only room for 20 Spirit Category teams. A 300 Euro Spirit deposit will have to be paid which you will get back once you start the race in the vehicle which you promised in your applicatoin. Participants of Spirit category have to take part on our press conference in Budapest and also on the start ceremony. Extra persons can join your Spirit vehicle for 150 Euros. ADMIN FEE: The 200 Euro admin fee is payable per vehicle. But otherwise in the end is a lot more all the visas, accomodation, gas, ferries, ... Otherwise if someone is more interested in rally:
  5. Fr3Ak

    Fiat 126p - Niki

    So this was my project - currently on wait, because Im away from home. If is in wrong threat or something, please admins / mods to move it. I didnt find any "trips" raleted section. About the car. Its Polski Fiat 126p, produced in Poland on 1985. It is 2 cylinder aircooled engine with 24hp. Car weight around 620kg without any gear. Story of a car... 3 years ago I managed to save Fiat 126p from 1985 from one of the Slovenians fields. The story of the car was, that was in a garage for 5 years, than they have birthday party in that garage, put it out and never went back to garage. So it was in the field for few years before I bought it. When the owner agree to sell the car, we went to pick the car in style As every "project" start I wash it to see how it really looks. The story behind why I bought that car is that I wanted to participate in the biggest amateur rally in world, called Budapest - Bamako 2018. Because to the finish line of the rally is around 8600km I had to "fix" the car before I start with the rally. I found brand new engine in Poland, sitting in the attic of the house from 1987. When I get the engine with 0km on the clock, we open it, change all seals and anything that was "need" to be changed after so years and kick to start it. Because I had to remove my back seats for travelling material, I installed some isolation to prevent noise from back of the car. After we fit the engine in the car, change all the bearings and everything need to be changed around suspension, my friend polished car for me for my friend wedding. Because I didn't want to go to rally with 0km on the clock, me and my girlfriend decided to make a quick trip around Dolomites and the sea. The whole trip was Slovenia - Austria - Italy - Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Switzerland- France- Italy - Slovenia. We did together 4117km in 15 days with a lot of 2000m+ mount passing and nice routes. Breakdowns? Both brand new rear tyres were worn because of new back suspension - the position of the car was to high. So meanwhile we got some sponsors and had to "decorate" car with the stickers before we start the rally. In 12. January 2018 we started from Slovenia, the goal was Banjul in Gambia. We reach the finish line on 28. January and we did 8395 KM. Because I didn't want to sell the car in Gambia, and I didn't want to spend money on the boat shipping I decided to drive it back home. I reach back home in Slovenia 17. February 2018. Me and my car did together 17.200km in 36 days. I spend around 1135L of fuel had to change front right bulb and 2 tyre tubes (they were a little bit to big ). Engine in rally Engine back home The car is still running good, but it is in vintage car museum in Slovenia, because I'm currently in New Zealand. And that on last picture is me Facebook page of the car and trips: Webpage about rally: Discussion treat: