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Nick's 1979 RX125 resto

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Got bored and cleaned up the motor a lil. Can of degreaser later and she came up somewhat presentable.


Thinking of giving it a paint, but really don’t want too much matte black on it, like most builds end up. The alloy is worn in places so I might do the side covers and try polish the head and barrel. 

Also made my first yambits order - clutch cable, front brake lever and ignition and key set. Will probably drip feed it parts every couply weeks as it’ll be a few months til I’m back up to put them on and do more work. 

Next on the list will be a full rebuild kit for the front brake. 

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well boy have we come a long way since the last post! 

I thought id keep to the tradition of oldschool and instead of making meaningful progress on the bike i had, i went and purchased two more. 

knowing i needed plenty of genuine yamaha bits that were going to be unobtanium, a good tank, sidecovers seat etc i stumbled across the red one on trademe under wrecking bikes. got in a heated bidding war and snagged it. thanks to my knight in shining armour @Threeonthetree for picking up and inspecting for me. unfortunately it doesnt have a key so am unable to check condition of tank, but rust around the bottom seams would suggest its not in great shape. however the saving grace is that not only does it have a mint seat and matching pair of side covers, but the front forks are in good nick and the front brake also still works ok! a seal kit and flush should see me through.

the silver one fell in my lap after @Tumeke had a shed clear out. the motor runs on engine start and has a lush pack rack for overnighters. the tank on this one looks the better of all 3 so i will run with this one i think. 



so the count is now 3 complete bikes and 4 motors in total. now they are tucked away in my new storage facility here in the Hawkes Bay, gonna get tucked into stripping them down and chucking the good bits on to the original bike! then she'll go like a cat on a hot tin roof m9


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red RX125 was put on the chopping block and sacrificed for the greater good.




removed front end, seat, sidecovers and oil pump from the red bike.
After a bit more tinkering i was unable to get the red one to start up due to a lack of spark. I got the silver one running on carb cleaner at full throttle as carb is jammed. was quite lol, much cheech out the zorst. this all confirmed that i would use the spare motor ive got as it is the tidiest and has the cleanest bore and piston head. It was run on premix in its last life so needed to put an oil pump on from another bike. 

gonna order some bits and then get the good one running and riding, then strip er down.

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baby steps!

got a Flaxmere master key and got the cap open. Was pretty gross in there, so bought a catering sized bottle of white vinegar and smashed that in there. gave er a good ol swishing and let it sit for two weeks. 

let nature do its bidness, came back 2 weeks later and flushed her out. zero leaks which i am stoked about, so no pesky pinholes or cracks in the seams. 



got it looking pretty good in there! think ill get a tank liner for it eventually. have ordered a new tank cap, petcock and fuel filter so should be able to hold petrol now!

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aaaaand donk back in. Yesterday we nanged down to palmy and grabbed the 3rd bike in @00quattro00's BA XR6, using far too much gas doing trailer nangs on gravel roads and zututu'ing cunce on the expressway.

took me all of 2 minutes to throw it in and bolt up. god i love these small bikes. 


everything was coming up milhouse, the replacement motor threw good spark, but then the kickstart shaft seized on me. it felt pretty sloppy to begin with, these have quite a lot of slack until they engage the crank, this one particularly more so. good excuse to pull it apart and give it a birthday i guess. failing that i could just throw in one of my other three motors...

any have a shit photo of my fleet of rusty 2 strokes


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