Matteybean's MS65 Crown

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On 14/09/2020 at 09:08, kyteler said:

I'm sure you've checked a bunch of things already but I'd be looking at:

1. The points removal/electronic ignition conversion, is that wired up correctly with the correct coil/ballast for the application for the unit.   

2. Vacuum lines for the carb, are they connected to the correct places to get advance. As well as all the other ports on the inlet, etc. etc. 

3. Comp testing should be done at WOT, not sure if it has by those figures. As Phil says, they're low.  Probably too low.



Yeah I did em on a cold motor because I couldnt get it going.

On 14/09/2020 at 03:35, fuel said:

those compression numbers are pretty low (although they are relatively even) - combined with smoking issue it sounds like your rings are defective and it's perhaps letting too much oil into combustion chamber.

I think the problem was breather hoses on block looped hence the gasket blow out/oil past rings

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7 hours ago, oldrx7 said:

Good luck on the wiring stuff mate!  Good to know the motor's running well now though.

Cheers bro.


Annoying how it was working a week ago haha. I've got the dash off so I'm going to start at plug and work back from there.

Took it for another hoon tonight with the new gearbox mount ohh man so good. Got the up to 60 km on street few hard braking sessions and all working well. worked a treat that liquid polyurethane.


I'm going to put the bonnet back on and go fill up with gas squirt some moreys upper cylinder cleaner in with it, pump the tyres up and try the open roads tomorrow!  Wof re booked for next Saturday now.

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