Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

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forgot to mention i got the rear bumper, brackets and a couple of other parts acid dipped. ive painted the brackets and put some primer on the bumper and that and tonight i put some colour on the air cleaner.

came up pretty good for an air cleaner.


45545882974_5605499776_o.jpg2018-12-11_07-08-53 by sheepers, on Flickr

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ive got a sore back.

well its actually my leg thats sore but its a pinched nerve in my back thats causing it. ive been ignoring it and its been getting steadily worse but today i went and saw a specialist and i have to stop working on cars, or anything for that matter, for about the next 8 weeks, which blows. if i keep ignoring it ill wind up in back surgery and problems for the rest of my life so i aint going to be doing much for a while.

dumb because i wanted to take this car to leadfoot.


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