Sheepers other MS75 crown coupe

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ive got a sore back.

well its actually my leg thats sore but its a pinched nerve in my back thats causing it. ive been ignoring it and its been getting steadily worse but today i went and saw a specialist and i have to stop working on cars, or anything for that matter, for about the next 8 weeks, which blows. if i keep ignoring it ill wind up in back surgery and problems for the rest of my life so i aint going to be doing much for a while.

dumb because i wanted to take this car to leadfoot.


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pulled the mirrors apart because they were fucked.

the bolt/pin that holds the top part to the base was rusted through and they fell off when i started trying to move them.

i got the broken rusty bolt out and ill replace it with a new one. i need to make some conical washers but that shouldn't be to hard.

i do need to replace the springs. they are pretty impressive springs when you consider they are just to hold tension on the top swivel bit.

square wire (might have been round once but look like they were square to me)  reducing helix wound springs. if you know of something like this i can buy new hit me up, otherwise ill find something that will work in its place.


47675462161_2da2227b25_o.jpg2019-04-23_07-52-46 by sheepers, on Flickr


32732522677_a694234dd4_o.jpg2019-04-23_07-52-38 by sheepers, on Flickr

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