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ive got a sore back.

well its actually my leg thats sore but its a pinched nerve in my back thats causing it. ive been ignoring it and its been getting steadily worse but today i went and saw a specialist and i have to stop working on cars, or anything for that matter, for about the next 8 weeks, which blows. if i keep ignoring it ill wind up in back surgery and problems for the rest of my life so i aint going to be doing much for a while.

dumb because i wanted to take this car to leadfoot.


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Peter the rust defeater finished the boot. hes done an amazing job and once i tidy and paint it all up you wont be able to tell its been replaced.


33480473438_99d611f201_o.jpg2019-03-12_07-29-34 by sheepers, on Flickr


47391201061_266f728617_o.jpg2019-03-16_05-02-02 by sheepers, on Flickr


33515112068_aa3b15c33f_o.jpg2019-03-16_05-02-41 by sheepers, on Flickr


with that done there was only one small bit left to do and the car is rust free so i did that.

it took me two days to make this small piece and weld it in. i can't do to much really before the leg tells me its time for a rest so yea, progress has slowed somewhat. 


33523432318_9329fa7d20_o.jpg2019-03-17_03-42-44 by sheepers, on Flickr


46675978214_c49808b285_o.jpg2019-03-17_03-42-53 by sheepers, on Flickr

that last photo isn't very good.

anywho, the welding is now finished.

Nick the sparky came over and sorted out putting relays into the power feeds for the electric windows so the switches don't take the full current. so that done and choice.

now i need to get the heater core reconditioned and install some new ball joints and tierod ends and then try to get it complied .

it'll take a while but i should be able to sort all that in between whinging about my leg/back.

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