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4 hours ago, JoKer said:

Shoulda seen the Diesel that took off from Burgerfuel : I thought someone was vaping outside!

that was the one with Gilly's right? (hard time connecting Faces + Names + cars + forums names hah

Yea the high one hahah sounds like a horney sowing machine lmao

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1 hour ago, 64valiant said:

did i here the cops turn up last nights palmy meet?

I think a cop car did a loop around us just before security turned up and kicked us out. Plaza management seen the facebook event and sent out an email to security to get it shutdown.

Was a pretty good turn out before that happened, maybe 20+ cars and some were pretty cool!

Have sent the Plaza an email, just waiting to see what they say, otherwise we’ll have to think of somewhere else to go. 

31 minutes ago, JoKer said:

I did my best to attend but was cut short by about 1.5km with a dead Ballast resistor (again, I'll buy new this time)

and I dunno about cops, but I understand the Plaza Security did not appreciate the 'gathering' this time

Seen you parked up down Main Street, sorry we didn’t stop, didn’t know you were broken down!

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19 minutes ago, _Matt said:

Seen you

all good yeah thought I saw the truck roll past & nah sweet as, not much you could have done :P Avenger Parts man over by Racecourse didn't have the bit anyway

Brent with the Honda City offered to come get but same again didnt want towie to turn up to empty car

I got home bout 9

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15 hours ago, _Matt said:

Thanks to those that turned up! Was a Chevy (+1 mitsi) meet this time.

I think it needs to have a Facebook event, will try a private invite only one next time and see how that goes.




Was good to meet you matt. Look forward to the next 1. By then I'll try let more of my friends in the old school car crowd I know to come along. Facebook invite would definitely be the go.

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