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Autumn Jap/Olds meet AKL 2015

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2015 Autumn Japanese and Oldschool Car meet


When:  late march?

Where:  possibly an east auckland reserve?


I'm not posting deets here coz I cant edit later .


So any conflicting events on 29th march?  speak up now!  last'ish weekend for daylight savings.

Looking into proposed venues.. one being Omana Park, Maraetai.


Want BBQ feed.  who can assist?





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as usual.. what does it clash least with :(

caffeine and classics is a monthly meet too as i understand?  how many will it affect?

There were circa 7 or 800 cars at C&C last weekend, it was unusually big but it attracts larger than anything else crowds and many people have a bit of a routine (ie a hoon, some luncg afterwards etc) happening with it, so it would be something to avoid as Ned says.

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Just stamp your foot make the date 28th or 29th

if people rather go to another event that is how it goes there is always something on to conflict with it.

I can come on the 29th but only maybe the 28th due to working. 

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