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crispymk2's Honda GB400

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Thought I might pop a thread up about the GB400 I picked up recently as I slowly try to tidy up some of the dodgy bits.


Day one at home:



Plenty of dodgy bits to choose from. First problem was there was zero rear brake. The seat had a big hole in the rear section and was held on to the bike with a nylon strap. The bar-end mirrors have stupidly long bolts that very nearly hit the tank, the battery was rooted, air filter was black, rear tyre was square, foot peg rubber consisted mainly of blue electrical tape, front guard looked to have been finger painted by a 2 year old and generally pretty grubby but was running well.


After a new air filter, oil change, rear tyre, battery and fresh foot peg rubbers I started stripping the bike down to polish all the stainless bits.
















I chopped the huge front guard down a bit and painted it matte black to hide it a bit.






And this is how it looks at the moment. Just want to tidy up the engine covers and casings a bit more, sort out the ugly exhaust box and bar end mirrors. Might also lower the clip-ons, guages and head light but just enjoying riding it for now.



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Thanks guys.

At this stage it will be just getting the spokes and engine cases polished and once I get my licence I want to ditch the rear grab rail, relocate the indicators, re-shape the seat and tuck the tail light and number plate up with the rear guard removed.

Will lower the head light, gauges and clipons too.

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crispymk2, congrats on the bike... here in the U.S. the 400 doesn't exist so it's nice to see one looking good.


q: is that the way the original seat looks on that or where did you get that?


my gb500 has a taller hump that is hollow underneath. it looks amazing, but it doesn't allow me to ride my gf on the back. 


yours looks like it might sit two-up if necessary? would love to see a top or top angle view. would also love to see the underside. at least just for reference on how i might fabricate a seat that can sit two-up, but still look sporty when one person is on it.


thanks in advance.

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Hey mate, looks like it is definitely a stock GB500 solo seat that they have re-shaped the hump on to be more two-up friendly.


28 inches long, hump is 7-ish inches high at its peak and the humped section makes up the rear 16-ish inches


Photos of seat:







Only thing I don't like is they should have used higher density foam for the hump as it is a little lumpy just as it crosses over the built-in storage section.


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Excellent pics — Thank you.
From what I'm gathering with your photos, and some other research, is that your seat is actually not a stock GB500 single-seat.
It is definitely a stock GB400 seat judging from the original mounting hinge and the functioning latch, but I feel like it could've been a single or dual.
The 500 single-seat has a much larger hollow area underneath the hump. This area is so deep that it covers a larger frame-mounted tool box and is impossible to flatten out and re-shape into a dual-seat or shallow hump single-seat. (which is the problem I have)
The 400 seat has a much shallower hollow area. This area appears to hold a small strap-on tool bag in it's underside that has some sort of pop-off lid. This area appears shallow enough to be re-shaped for a dual-seat or shallow hump single-seat. (what you have)
Now I just need to find a pan like yours and I can re-shape... thanks for the help.
Old pic of my 500, with seat open:


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So this is the bottom of a standard single seat (GB400 or 500)


And this, the base of the standard two seater (again, 400 & 500) Modifying this was soooo cheap and easy.

Crispy your bike is awesome! How fast does it go? Anglia4 recently got 128 indicated outta mine which is probably more like 135!?

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Anyone have a set or even a single stock GB headlight bracket?

Had a stack and that is the only thing I need to complete. Keen on a stock one but might have to go aftermarket if I can't find one.

(Ps: my brother is NZ so he would collect and send to me in Perth)

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