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Toyota R160 vs W55 Gearbox compare


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W55 are weak, I got fucking over changing those fuckers on Crazy Wills Dx when he was run the 3t turbo with 210HP

He was blowing one basically every Taupo track day

The selectors forks are weaker than a cathloic preists morals when presented with a young boy


Gold analogy!

Ole' Mr Cook is fucking mental harsh on cars though!

He broke the selector forks in the Hollinger ($20K gearbox) didn't he?

W55 will be fine Mitch,

They're pretty much made for G series enignes, they'll always behind them factory

plus you've already got one don't you?

Put that one in, get it going with that and weigh up your options IF you break it..

My 2c,


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