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    Well I haven't updated in awhile I haven't achieved to much but have brought a few things. we have started on the rear floor and rear suspension set up going to be running a 3 link set up as we were trying to keep use of rear seat as I am now thinking of putting a rollcage in it and use as more of a race car than road what do u guys think? brought 8 inch og old schools and painted dish to be different anyways heres SOME PICS
  2. Andy's 1974 Escort Gt Discussion thread

    Sure it's got electric window washer my escort got foot pump beside the clutch pedal?
  3. Toyota R160 vs W55 Gearbox compare

    Have got a mate running a 6 speed altezza box on the back of his 4age turbo ae86 handles 320 hp good as gold and he doesn't take it to easy on it too
  4. Project: Mk1 Escort Coupe

    Use to run just a factory 32/36 webber standard manifold made a pretty good improvement in proformance expacaily up in the rev range
  5. Project: Mk1 Escort Coupe

    Yeah man 13x7
  6. Project: Mk1 Escort Coupe

    Really good mate love driving it burn way to much gas opening them up all the time haha Cheers for feedback guys
  7. Project: Mk1 Escort Coupe

    Thanks mate interiors not to bad but stil working on it had all wood grain redone on it last week still need abit more money and attention
  8. Project: Mk1 Escort Coupe

    hey update for escort changed tyre profile changed look of car lowness
  9. 7ESKY9:KE35 SR COUPE Sr20de+t

    Give us somefeed back on latest update Cheers guys
  10. 7ESKY9:KE35 SR COUPE

    UPDATE: So still working on panel work but getting there slowly painted engine bay (finally found a colour) have had adjustable suspenion made and fitted in front nothane bushes fitted in front end too. brought hilux rear end to because have brought dsr380 turbo, link g4 ecu , front mount intercooler kit, fuel presure reg ,fuel cell, new gearbox for sr20 so far stil more to come have to get body work done so it can start having rear suspenion set up and motor mounted in the car.
  11. 7ESKY9:KE35 SR COUPE

    UPDATE: Flared rear gaurds grinded and striped the large (HUGE) about of bog that was is the shell now etch primed and ready to have panel work redone
  12. 7ESKY9:KE35 SR COUPE Sr20de+t

    haha i here alot of pople tell me that about my escort and other old cars they wreaked back in ther day. yeah hoping the t series will be ok if im careful with it might try find ae86 lsd 4 it im only a appretience on a shit wage so havnt got lots of coin to spend on it.
  13. 7ESKY9:KE35 SR COUPE

    discuss here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=35211