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zep's Gemini Coupe

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I guess I spoke (typed?) too soon, and all is not well. It was always the plan to repaint over parts of the chrome on the surrounds. I was concerned about using traditional primer and paint as I knew it would be risky to key up the vacuum metalising, so I decided to use plastidip. I masked it all up nicely and it went on quite well. Unfortunately, when I went to pull the masking off it started to pull the plastidip off too. I then decided to just remove all the plastidip, and guess what came with it? Parts of the metalising. So cool.



I'm not super sure on the next step. The guy who removed the chrome did say that he could try and actually chrome them for me, but the results are often mixed as getting it to stick to old plastic can be hard. I might try that anyway. Pretty annoyed though.

The other option is to just paint them black.

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I've also been working on how the sump for the 4ZD1 is going to work. There are two main problems: the bowl is super low, like 50mm below the x-member which is already quite low itself, and the wing of the bowl is below the exhaust and is going to get in the way of any decently size down pipe that I need to use. You can see the tight fit here:


Here's the bowl sitting low:


The x-member is quite snug up under there and it hang down quite a bit. But essentially it's just an empty bowl.

My plan is to cut off the wing and weld on a new bowl that is raised, moves the wing to the intake side, increases capacity, and has some baffles to ensure maximum oil pickup.

I have never done any of this before, so I'm just reading as much as I can, and @EURON8 is helping me out. Today I started mocking up the new bowl with cardboard. The adept might notice that the bottom of the sumps in these two pictures are different - the pictures above are from the 4ZD1, those below that I'm using for the mock up are from the 4ZE1, which drops much lower at the front meaning I'll have to cut more out to clear the steering rack - another story.


It looks like the pickup will just clear, but I might take a few mm out of the tube to bring it up just in case something nasty happens. You'll see I've added in some trapdoors to try and prevent oil starvation. I would appreciate any advice about these in my discussion thread. I think I need to still have some non-doored bypass so the oil can more easily self-level. Also I will probably make sure the baffle over the opening does go all the way up to stop oil slopping over the top.

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No huge update here. I have been playing around with Sketch Up and had a jam at mocking up the sump bowl:


Also received more stuff. This is a booster check valve for using a braided hose.


In other news. @EURON8 has been helping me get the 4ZD1 into the engine bay, making mounts, as well as mounting my new intercooler.

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