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Found 16 results

  1. Hmmm, back with a Oldschool project. It's driving starlets sideways that got me into drifting, there has been a lot of starlet shenanigans going on of late so the proverbial bullet has be bitten When this kp61 sprint rolling body popped up for cheap. I had a couple of motor options in mind and within the week I found Chris EURON8 had a complete set up from an altezza that needed moving on. So no Hesitation, in it went! Hack the tunnel and firewall Shove it in Cowl all in place Had some cultures come in at work so took the dry ice home and chipped out the sound deadner the more I look through my parts the more I realise I don't need to buy. Should be a rather cheap and cheerful build
  2. anyone got a good condition spare alternator or a voltage regulator for a kp61 that i could borrow to check why my alternator isnt charging my battery? kind of getting sick of working on my kp hahah
  3. Discussion here Hi all, bought this yesterday from Sparkle and his Mrs. Previous thread here, have a peek if you're interested as I'll be continuing the saga from where he left off. Bit of background on me: I'm a Pom that's been in NZ since August, I came over looking for a holiday with half a mind to work and ended up getting a full-time job. Since I'll be here for the foreseeable I decided it was definitely, definitely the right time to immediately spend all of my money on an old Toyota. I've loved Japanese cars for years and had to sell my AW11 MR2 last year. A sense of hollow loss ensued. I was drooling over this KP on TradeMe when one of my housemates mentioned that she was planning a trip to Palmerston on Saturday to visit some old college friends. A plan was hatched, the numbers on my bank account were turned into weird folding plastic Monopoly money, and a roadtrip playlist assembled. Met up with Sparkle in a fast food car park. I think there's probably a rule somewhere that says that cars and burger chains need to be brought together regularly, and I was hungry anyway. Had a bit of a poke and a prod, tried to make the obligatory concerned noises that you're supposed to do when looking at buying an old car, but couldn't really fault it on much. Properly gen-you-wine unbuggered Sprint. Test-drove even sweeter than it looked, I was hooked. Worked out a mutually acceptable deal and I disappeared off into the sunset. Mr and Mrs Sparkle seemed pretty emotional to see her go, but I hope my monetary contribution to "Operation Make-E21-Have-Awesome-Engine" softens the pain over time. She managed city traffic, winding hill roads and open highway all the way back to the Wairarapa on her best behaviour. Stopped off for some snaps at the Te Apiti wind farms en route: There are hardly any of these left back home because they all ended up on the stages or dirt ovals (usually with a Pinto and minilites!), and I've lusted after them for ages. I was originally looking for a slightly tatty Starlet to turn into a rally-esque weekend-fun car, something like this: ...but I reckon that would be sacrilege with something this original. Well then. The old girl was about due an oil and filter change, so I had a nice run out this morning to Upper Hutt to get some tools and supplies. There's a weird mix of annoyance and excitement at being in a new country and not having any tools. Of course the excitement is because you have the opportunity, nay, obligation to buy some tools. I checked first, but there were no more free service vouchers in the bookpack. Shame. Stopped off at the local dealership while I was in the area, just 'cos: ...and popped back home. Nice sunny afternoon oil and filter change. Plans: -Weekend car, just enjoy it for what it is over the nice summer months. -Investigate how best to protect the thin paint. Car will be undercover for the most part, but still... -Re-cover sun-damaged parcel shelf and get it seated properly. -Sympathetic, reversible mods over winter? Think rorty carbs, fast road cam, tubular extractors and a pretty skinny 'zorst. The 4k is lovely and is staying put!
  4. Discussion thread :https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60328-a-dogs-83-toyota-starlet-kp61/ Hello Gents, I have been watching this forum for a while to gather helpful information on this little project car I have. Being in America it is very hard to find parts and proper information on modifying starlets. So here I am to pick your brains for all the great Starlet knowledge you all have. The plan for this little guy is to compete in Auto Cross at the local level. I already have a 240SX drift car, So now I can use this as a grip car. THE BACK STORY The year was 2003, I was a junior in high school in Beautiful Bozeman, MT. My best friend Gabe got this little hatch for his first car. Totally stock 1983 Starlet 2 door with the mighty 4KE motor. We used to drive this hatch around thinking we were Colin Mcrae. Hitting jumps at 45mph and attempting to "drift" turns around town. He was a terrible driver and because of it the Starlet suffered. All four wheels were bent from hitting curbs all the time. So as time went on Gabe moved away and the Starlet sat at his dads warehouse for over ten years. One day Gabe came to town and he said I could have the starlet if I took good care of it. So that is exactly what i did. I picked up the starlet with my trusty trailer and brought it to my dads house. Gotta love that custom wood grill. Nothing like having a park bench for a rear bumper. USDM bumpers are MASSIVE. The rear end is in great shape(thank GOD) The interior was pretty rough from years of teenager abuse and sitting. Missing the center dash vent and the seats were junk. Windshield totally busted from angry child syndrome. Steering wheel has garden hose wrapped with electrical tape. Real Classy. Open the hood and behold the awesome 75HP of the Toyota 4KE! Motor has 150K miles on it. YEARS AND YEARS of dust on the engine.
  5. Hi Guys, here is my first thread on this forum so go easy on me I recently purchased my little beast beast a week ago as some of you may have seen on tardme, got it for a pritty good score considering but my first & biggest worry is rust, but i gotta say shes held up fairly well being under the weather for the last 29 years, all on New Zealand soil at that Ironically this was built in Thames in 84 & last week I picked her up...from Thames unfortunately the previous owner couldnt find the build papers which im real upset about but still have the build plate and sticker which i'll get a new one made up. This is how I bought it Engine: - 1300cc 4K - heat wrapped extractors - Some querky barely attached mushroom filter setup - Eagle 8.0mm ignition leads - New Carb that needs tuning - New points, condenser & dizzy cap - Came with free oil leaks from dizzy o-ring that felt like rock and from an invisible sump washer :/ - Custom fitted R33 strut brace - Somewhat custom 2"ish exhaust, one Coby resonator (NZ made!) an H&R resonator and an unknown twin tip Back box. Drive line: - K50 5 Speed gearbox - Standard diff and drive shaft - New Wheels bearings Suspension & Wheels: - Cobra lowering springs all round (NZ MADE ) - rear kyb shocks / standard fronts - Nolathane sway bar bushes - 3 X Nolathane bottom arm bushes + 1 X standard bush thrown in with a random square washer that barely missed the hub on full lock - 15 x 6 from what i believe Cressida Factory Toyota wheels wrapped in Achilles 195/50R15's all new tread Interior: - Factory option Rear windscreen wiper and de-fogger - Analog clock - Central Locking! - rear tinted windows - useless shift light - factory 8k Rpm Tachometer - heinous shift knob and boot - angry birds plush toy thing - sport style steering wheel I.C.E (best bit): - Pioneer DEH-4550BT Bluetooth headunit w/usb & aux unput - JVC 230W 6.5" front speakers - JVC 310W? 6x9 rear speakers - JVC 800W Amp - JVC 1200W 12" Sub Exterior: - day time running lights in bumper - led park lights and indicators - replacement semi-sealed headlamps with bright white halogen bulbs - front grill replaced with mesh :/ - Unknown NZ Made front lip also came with sideskirts and end caps Soon as i got home the shift light and gearknob was out, followed by fixing the oil leaks, tightening up not even tight tie-rod end nuts and missing split pins... Thats all the was wrong with it mechanically though, everything pritty well sound. Biggest rust patch found so far, only as big as an nz 50c coin I've already got a new/old front grill on its way, so started prepping and painting the light surrounds in Graphite metallic for now final coat then tomorrow it gets Plastic clear coated Also need to replace the key barrel switch as they had to rig up a 12v feed to the coil via external button whilst cranking as I found out today. Great to work on as everything is very simple but just need to replace the alarm they have in it as its only being used for remote central locking atm and clean up a bunch of other wires but no biggie. So this is pritty much where i'm at for now, im going to get the rust cut out but pending on how much people will charge i might just do it myself along with painting the car. Future plans: - Obviously putting my new 20v in and mate up a T50 (now looking at going for a w55) gearbox using the T3 4age conversion mounts and customize the gearbox x-member. - Hilux/AE86 clutch master cylinder & custom Pedal box to suit. - Custom drive shaft to either a MA60,RA65 Celica supra, AE86 or hilux LSD rearend then get it all shortened w/rear disc's - Going to work with Barry from MRP to Have a set of coilovers made - T3 4 link rose joint suspension arms
  6. Build thread here - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48698-blizzos-83-kp-starlet-rally-car/ Discuss / add to my parts hoard here
  7. Hey, So this is My 1985 4 door Starlet its name is Peter after "Peter Pan" I've owned it since around April 2015, Always wanted one since I was 16 and its been a love/hate relationship since... If anyone has any information on this car I'd love to hear it!!! (MA3855) So yeah I bought it then blew the head gasket the next day, great start right haha. So water was all though the oil and everything, So instead of just pulling apart and cleaning it out thought I may as well replace what I could an slam a lumpy cam into it for the nice idle and lil extra power its still pretty good on gas I've even had it up to around 200kph its an epic lil car for a 1.3L... So yeah thought I'd make this to keep track of what I've done to it and what it use to look like etc What I've done so far: Pic of engine before taking apart engine Engine: 2015 (around 244KM's) -Replaced Radiator with an P10 one. -New Water Pump. -Head Gasket (Last done October) -Lumpy Cam (Stage 4 or 5 not 100% sure) -Head Skimmed running on 95/98 -Thermostat -Electric Fan Installed -Tidy up Engine bay, Painted rocker cover and Manifold. (Thinking about doing the whole deloomed engine bay look) -New Gearbox bearing/oil -Lightweight Flywheel Installed -Aftermarket Clutch -New Battery Body: -Turf installed for carpet. -15" Kicker Sub in custom made parcel tray with two 6x9 speakers (unfinished) -New Headunit -Green LED Lights inside Need to fix/Planning to do: -Rust in top rear pillar/Doors. -Holes in muffler/ Put Dumpy on. -Planning on putting sound deadening in doors with central locking and alarm. -Finish Parcel tray off can't decide on theme to go with. -Attach Parcel tray brackets to boot. -Deloom Engine bay. -Repaint after rust is done. -Carbon fiber lower part of doors around bumpers. -Delete rear bumper/shave it. -Get new 7x6 headlights with angle eyes(green/tinted) -Get new wheels 13x10 steelies or 13x7-8 Gold mesh wheels. -Lower it Planning on ke70 shocks in rear and already got ae92 shocks for up front. A lil help is always handy Done road trips up to Whangarei most weekends and done a couple to Kerikeri plus Kaitaia, it been running really good lately touch wood Parcel Tray with 15" Kicker Sub and two 6x9 sounds pretty good just need to finish it off
  8. Build: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/50869-jay-199-1985-peter-pan-kp61/
  9. This is my kp61 starlet build when i first got my hands on it it was an auto but was fairly tidy i had crack at manual converting but it didn't turn out the best so now im going back and repairing my terrible work and hopefully ending up with something that can beat my dads mini clubman it was running a 4k and a kp k50 gearbox but i am currently deciding what im going to put back into it. this is it as it sits awaiting panel and paint Discussion here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48354-beige-bullets-1984-toyota-starlet-discussion/
  10. Just thought I'd start a build of my starlet/s So I brought this starlet Had a 4age red top t50 Was told just needed driveshaft loop for cert On way home. Gearbox blew up Found out it was cause the previous owner put the wrong shims in the gearbox and leaked all the oil. A week after putting new gearbox in Head gasket blew This poto was on the way home from Auckland. Note the tow rope.
  11. the old girl had a few mishaps at the oldskool trackday earlier this year so im doing a full rebuild on the 5k just to make sure shes going to be reliable . so ive pulled it apart and ive found a few broken bits such as one cracked piston, scratched crank ,scratched bore. the plan is to do a complete rebuild with oversize pistons ,new nitrided crank, some more head work and some oversize valves also im going to fit my coilovers , double front swaybar and respray and deloom the engine bay abit . hopfully by early next year . Discussion Thread http://www.oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=11878
  12. After reading up on everyone else's projects threads for far too long i thought itd be cool to have one of my own. First up is my recent daily, its a kp61, jap import, meaning its got electronic ignition, air con and had in cab adjustable fender mirrors (until one of the previous owners thieved them for himself haha), mint haha. got it off a guy i know for a good price who cooked it and warped the head. got the head skimmed new gasket and set the tappets and she now runs like a dream! 4k 4speed... 5 speed waiting to go in. Came with polished sprint wheels, new wof, and lowered, also a nicely painted satin black bonnet, which i like more than i first thought... this is how she looked Gave it the mad clean, vacuum and polish and she started looking a little better, trimmed the rear springs up to make it sit level haha, has brand new shortened shocks so everything is nice and captive. got some fender mirrors from pick a part off an 80s 323, thy suit the black bonnet.... starting to look a little jdm i feel I also have a ke36 thats sitting pretty in the garage for now and thought the 14" ssr's with 195/45's would look ok on the starlet, whilst the wagon isnt doing anything. brought it closer to the ground coz of the low profile too, cant complain Thats all its got for now, pretty damn happy with how shes looking, planned just to flick it on to make some $$ but probably gonna sell the fxgt and drive this instead haha. Any suggestions would be awsome, i was thinking oil cooler with lines out the grill might suit it and add a bit more flavour. . maybe even paint a thin whitewall on the tires . . . . what you guys think ? heres some pics Also the wagon, havent got any of the build pics on the comp but has had panel and paint work, lowered etc, otherwise standard, info and progress on that will come one day..
  13. got rid of my ke30 and got this starlet wagon now, going 12a bridgy soon and putting on a 82 front, currently running a injected 4k Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/19490-bandits-kp-shagin-wagon/?p=503436
  14. 82 KP61 Starlet, 4K, 4 spd. Got no exhaust (to speak of), burnt clutch, locked diff. Alot of bog too, fully stripped interior and caged. Plus a blingy 7 colour tacho Most recent pic I have it is here: http://img276.echo.cx/img276/3175/dsc027541pl.jpg Next step is further panel and paint, new front bumper, front lip and try and do some custom work with the grille/headlight assembly/holes. Then a new 4K, twin carbs or EFi and a 5spd
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