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Found 14 results

  1. Bought R100s Ke70 wagon for use as a daily. Very nice, close to no rust. Basically mint. Picked it up on the weekend using a quite fancy towing rig I borrowed from a friend (Who has been using it for 20 years without fail). Would have used an actual trailer but my mum's Rav can't handle it and my friend's truck was being used to move house. So we got the car onto the tow rig: And the tow rig was working great! Until... Disaster Struck!: One of the tires popped while towing. We didn't notice for a solid couple of minutes and as of that not only was the fender dented back, wires pulled out and bumper broken but the rim is also absolutely destroyed. So we chucked on one of the back wheels, taped the wiring to the car, and went on our merry way... Then that popped too. And it popped a lot sooner than the other tire. Meaning that we were scared. Not only because 2 of the tires popped, I mean, how often does that happen? But the car also had only 1 spare tire, R100, lent out the spare tire and never got it back, lol. Second flat also destroyed what was left of the bumper end cap AND pulled out the wiring we had taped to the side. And with pulled out I mean that the wiring is absolutely gone. Nothing is left. Anyway, we chucked on the last tire and drove into Taupo (30ish ks away from where we had the last blowout) and we left the car with some friends for the time being: Kinda sad story. Hoping to pick up the car soon. Meanwhile buying some stock ke70 wheels so I can get the car onto trailer. Then need to find someone in Napier with a ke70 to check what all the wiring is that I am missing. Also want to buy right end cap for my front bumper, lol. Discussion, for if anyone has any tips.
  2. Let me know what you think of the build. I'll have a bunch of questions going forward so looking forward to hearing your ideas, and get some clarification on somethings with these cars.
  3. I have bought a poorly treated, unloved 1981 KE70 Toyota Corolla, with the vision of restoring and also upgrading it to the 3SGE Beams Black Top. I want to set the car up so it can be taken to the track and also used as a show car. I have bought a 1999 Toyota Altezza with a 6 speed manual box and the donating Beams engine. Will post photos and discussion as the project goes on, please feel free to ask questions
  4. Toymakers ke70 discussion thread ps. I help post content for the toymaker but we are both working on the car
  5. Hey guys, slowly coming to the end of my cortina build and I felt I had a little bit of spare time so have started giving my bro a hand on his ke70. He's Owned it a few years now resisting temptation to sell a couple of times after not having much time on his hands to fix her up. He had a little bit of panel and paint done here and there some years ago but now it's time to get her pristine "A" class. Gonna go original apart from lowered on hot wires me thinks. So here's some pics to enjoy......
  6. Hey all. Discussion for the project thread on my Corolla Wagon. Cheers, Oli. Read.
  7. Hi all, Meet PogoSan. Affectiontely named so by the Girlfriend. A strange specimen, imported from Japan, a Ke74 "van" featuring high roof and some other goodies. Other goodies include a mighty 5k-j twin squash, t50 gearbox (from the factory!) and a lot of ride height. My plans include: Fix rust + paint. Restore interior. Retro sounds. Low. Retro jdm wheels. (Ssr mk1s?) Extractors + exhaust. Carbs. (Quad cvk carbies?). Msd ignition. The distant future may include: Full engine rebuild. - Cam. - Solid lifters. - Head skim. Lightened flywheel. Electric fan. LSD. Who knows... I am currently stripping down the car for sanding back, rust repairs and paint. More on that soon. Cheers, Oli. Discuss.
  8. Hey guys, new to oldschool, went to your gymkhana at the tui brewery earlier in the year and ever since have been meaning to get on your forums. My first car was a 86 2door wagon, 4k with 500,000+ k's on the clock. I then upgraded to a redtop 4age 83 sedan, after a year or so, for some dumb reason i sold it. And have regretted it ever since. Anyways, since then, i bought this mint as ke70 GL (minus 4k and box, but only 110,000kms?) of a mate at the start of the year. it has sat in the shed under cover since, while i have completed my engineering course, that is now over and i am about to start a full time job, and i am itching to get in and start this project. Plans at this stage are: -altezza Beams 3sge with 6 speed, maybe quad throttle bodies -wilwood brakes and pedels -hilux diff -big suspension upgrade, sway bars, Coilovers etc. -clean shaven engine bay -bucket seats -front lip spoiler -Ducktail spoiler -and probly much more... In the last week i started building this mould for a front lip spoiler/splitter for the ke70 and should hopefully be going into production soon. Cheers Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/31343-brennans-ke70-corolla-3sge-beams-powered/
  9. Now I know what you are all thinking, a granny electric in a KE70 chassis? Why would I do that? Truth be told I was originally planning to put a 3gse black-top into a KE70 but I entered an electric vehicle competition last year and won. I saw opportunity to have a project car and have it largely funded while doing something educational and different. So I toke that oppurtunity! I purchased a pretty run down 1983 ke70 wagon chassis complete with mismatched steelies, minimal bolts and every thing of worth stripped off. Which you can see below I did the usual firsts for projects: weight reduction and wheels. I purchased some spitfires 13x8 front and rear which looked pretty good. I worked on finding adjusties and new rotors for a while and came across MRP which had all I really needed in terms of AE86/KE70 parts I saved up my own money to get these and boy am I glad a did ! I did the normal welding and they were a first time fit with mm perfect percision. Couldn't have asked for much better than that. I then purchased a twin headlight front end which I got rid of surface rust sanded and painted what I needed to protect it. Nows the hard part with any KE.. Getting the front end to sit straight.. I've been told many times once you get it right NEVER EVER touch it not even move it an inch. So after about a week of playing round with the front I was happy: Front suspension in, brakes on, and front end ready for panel and paint. A few weeks past and I'm looking for bucket seats and some harnesses which the only place to get good condition and cheap in New Zealand is NZKW so I struck a deal with them and ended up with a hydro handbrake two bucket seats and mounts for little under 1 grand. In the days they were being shipped the worst of all things happened, the twin headlight front end had been stolen right from under the roof of my garage. This happening destroyed me in and out, I got in two local papers but never recovered the parts and the police can't do much about it. So I moved the car to a more secure place in town to keep the rest of the project safe. After receiving the bucket seats and harnesses I fitted them and boy they look beaut, still minor modifications to be done to get one of the bolts fitting on the mounts. Discussion Thread
  10. Picked this up the other week with help from Todd (driftnmaz). Its got a 3a which is running quite rough at the moment, with a 4 speed t50 (3rds fucked). The high tech rubbish bag is because we cant get the window into its tracks (hopefully fix it this weekend) The clutch is fucked and its got a lockie in it. Has a bit of rust, which has just been bogged up for now. Plans are to get it wofed and regoed ASAP, then attempt to drift with the 3a, slam, wheels and after ive gotten used to it im going to be dropping a 4age in. When i do the 4age im going to do all the rust properly. It came with a SHIT load of spares, which i still havent gotten through. Discuss here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=35283
  11. *** Discussion *** Hey guys, back again after another year sweating my ass off in West Oz. Decided I should start a new build thread for my ke70, seeing as its a different build and direction from the old rust heap, although it will be using some of the same parts. So abit of background to bring the build up to present... I picked up Kermit as one of those great condition, old lady owner cars. She gifted it to the solo mum next door when she died, who somehow, managed to kill the trusty ol 4k engine. I bought it cheap, everything sweet apart from the 1300cc push rod anchor. After dropping in a reconned 4k I had lying around, it became my daily driver for ages. Stock standard apart from cutties and a set of 14x6.5 Longchamps. After my other dx, a race car project, came to a sudden halt after finding large amounts of car cancer in the wiper tray, firewall, chassis, and A pillar, Kermit was signed up for the job instead. In the back of my mind, I kept hearing the old saying; don't race anything you're not willing to push off a cliff. Which although, maybe a little extreme, does hold some truth. So the decision was made to scrap the race car idea, and keep him as a road going car. Of course I didn't make that decision until I had already stripped the car bare, cut out the firewall/gbox tunnel, and sold or dumped everything but the shell and exterior panels. I found a new home for the 13b turbo engine in a FC rx7, which has taken over as the race car project. Unfortunately the rest of the new parts i had collected were of no use in the rx7. The good news is, I have all these shiny new parts, and nothing else to do with them, so although Kermit is to stay a road car, the performance will be better than your average dx, or alot of other cars on the road for that matter...
  12. Hey people, I know there has been a lot of conversions to SR20DET into KE7x's in Australia, mainly because front cuts are cheap there and KE7x's are so cheap they are sometimes free, And there has been a lot of debate about running the s13 suspension and mostly negative opinions in regards to the changing of the steering geometry and a much wider track but on the positive side you can gain far better adjustable suspension for 1/3 the price (being second hand) compared to building a set of adjustables or using after market AE86 ones. But what are your guys/girls thoughts on this? I am contemplating doing either an S13 front conversion or a mix of S13 suspension onto KE70 x member in my KE20, to utilize better brakes, suspension and lock, Similar to Max Fouhys KE70, but I will be running a 4AGE/7AGE not and SR20 Rob.
  13. After the intrest I recieved I deicded it would be unfair if i didnt post some progress on the car Specs Toyota Corolla Ke70 1980 Running Gear: Nissan Silvia s13 Sr20de+t Nissan Silvia Turbo Manual Gearbox Toyota TRD AE86 Limited Slip Differential - Ratio 4.8 Aftermarket Link ECU 2x Alloy radiators (1 is spare) Suspension and Brakes: Height, Dampener and Camber Adjustable Suspension in front - Ksport/D2 shock inserts. Custom Alloy Front Strut Brace Mazda Rx7 Series 5 4pot Front Callipers Nissan Silvia Front Rotors Toyota AE86 Disc Brakes in the rear Brake BIAS adjustable Toyota AE86 Quick Steer - 2&1/4 lock to lock Adjustable Front caster Adjustable ae86 rear panhard rod. Interior: Half dash built from Aluminium Aftermarket Gauges include: Boost Gauge Battery Gauge Water Temperature Gauge Oil Pressure Gauge Tacho Gauge Sportline Race Steering wheel and boss kit Racepro Bucket Seat Silvester FIA approved 5 point harness 6 point MSNZ Approved Full Cage Rear Lexan Windows (3mm Thickness) Relocated battery to cabin Stripped of all interior trim, sound deadening and anything to save weight that wasn’t needed. Fuel System: Braided Fuel lines Datsun 1200 Fuel tank with external fuel pump Rims: 2x 15x7 white Enkei Tri spokes 4x 15x7 silver Enkei Rp01s 4x 15x6 volk look a likes 4x 14x6 Nissan Rims (only good for rear - dont fit over front calipers) Spares: Lots and lots and lots of spares as you would expect. Mike
  14. Havently really done much at all yet, stripped interior/body panels removed engine and box, havent got round to doing anything else of yet, but gonna get stuck in soon.. Havent even got round to removing the rest the stuff out the engine bay after taking the motor and box out.... nor the rest of the crap behind the dash, meh. What's getting done; Exterior; Fully repainted, not sure which colour, either a dark green or dark blue still to decide whether to go gloss or metallic. sacked down to around 100mm all round, 17" advanti orphik wheels, tinted 35" all round. shave door locks (keyless entry). Roll guards to accomodate the 17's. Interior; Paint dash black, matching interior all round, black and whatever colour the cars painted, buckets in front, re-upholstered rear seat, new black carpet. New sounds of course... Engine; Work the standard 4k that came out of it for starters, just to get it back on the road after everything else is done. Then look at other engine options, 3t-gte, 1uz-fe, 4age, 4agze. Hope to get it on the road by around christmas (my other car sucks the money too! . EDIT: Will be nowhere near christmas now Will try update pictures regulary.
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