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  1. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Purchased my self a new daily to work on whilst the ke70 is being built, not oldschool but a fun daily driver, 99' r34 rb25de manual sedan, fixed a exhaust leak today while the toymaker kept working on wiring and making a engine hook so we can lift the engine up
  2. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Wiring is slowley being untangled and lengthened where it can be, can start to cut extra plugs out that are not needed
  3. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Toymaker has built an engine crane so we can start test fitting the engine and gearbox
  4. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    With some help from a hammer and grinder the bigger brake booster fits and a little bit of work has started on paint stripping.
  5. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Photos are to big to upload but they are all uploaded on the photobucket album, we have stripped the car and sound deadning off the floor around the tranny tunnel. The engine has been stripped down and we have pulled the brake booster and pedal assembly out of a later model corolla.
  6. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    We purchased this amazing ITB casting off Brennan, a fellow member, will fit perfectly! Cheers again mate
  7. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Have not updated for a while but Front suspension is sorted, still deciding on 4 stud or 5 stud
  8. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Have made a photobucket album, let me know if it does not work, http://s50.photobucket.com/user/David_Vanderstar/library/
  9. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Discussion Thread
  10. Toymakers ke70 discussion thread ps. I help post content for the toymaker but we are both working on the car
  11. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Third time lucky, sorted the front suspension problem last night! Paid off purchase from trade me, ready to start work on tran’s tunnel next. Will upload all photos to a photo bucket album today
  12. Toymaker's 81' KE70 3SGE

    Individual throttle bodies sourced, just need an adapter plate for the 3S-GE