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Found 16 results

  1. I just posted these up in the new toyota mark II forum, so I thort I might aswell copy and paste to here. Its my old '79 Cressida Hardtop (Mark II coupe). Afew of you have probly seen it before for sale or what ever. Was running the M-U 2.0L Straight 6 'power house' Unfortunately my wheels were robbed by some theaving natives who were bigger than me so I decided to sell up and carry on with other projects.
  2. Hey All, any tips for engine mounts - can you buy them? Whats the go for LSD diff conversions - solid axle type? Any other handy tips from anyone, cheers
  3. Hey Team, so after declaring never to by a rust pig again....... I did it - FML 1st Mission is to fix the rust, which was waaaaay worse than first expected. Then do a 1UZFE conversion keeping the factory W55 5 speed.
  4. Purchased this gem from fello os'er 'oldnathan'. I'm a 4AGE boy at heart but have always had a love for the old boxy Cressidas, also needing a tow car for the kp i figured...why not. Bit of history on the old girl: 1986 - Started off her life at the Toyota plant in Thames, at 60 thou km's in 1993 it was sold on to some old geezer who owned the car for about 11 years. This is the part that saddens me, last year the coot decided to take her to the local wreckers for scrap!! luckily it was saved but i'm assuming when the cambelt was changed around this time the crank bolt wasn't torqued correctly and eventually slackened off enough and did the damage. The car was passed on to Nathan who then must've realized his v12 Cressida was more important, then on to me. The thing that really grabbed me was that it was basically bone stock, I have further found out from the scrap yard that ford springs were put in the rear to lower it a bit but other than that she's unmolested. Specs: Engine - 5M-GE 2.8L (worlds first engine of its kind with hydraulic tappets) Transmission - A43DE 4 speed with lock-up torque converter Rear end - Independant semi trailing, f series? 4.1:1 Sweet bits: Classic Digital dash, Leather interior (seen better days), Cruise control, illuminating drivers door key and ignition barrel, power mirrors & windows, central locking, vehicle speed sensitive power assisted steering, remote radio & a/c controls, trick gold Cressida wheels which am pointed out to have been painted, dam nice job at that. So enough blabbering, got the car trailered home last saturday knowing it had spun the crank timing pulley key then stripped it all down, found the crank seems (fingers crossed) ok but the pulley is quite damaged. Managed to hunt down a brand new pulley from murica and will be here tomorrow. In the mean time I spent the weekend cleaning the old girl up, nothing too major, most of the electrics weren't working but have found the one door was completely missing its regulator! in place was a handy piece of kiwi ingenuity...a block of wood nonetheless kept at it, diagnosed most of it, windows switches needs replacing, radio fuse was blown which stopped the wing mirrors from working...go figure. bits of rust here and there but all fixable, have sent through a mad order through to a guy for a bunch of stuff so hopefully can get all those nek wek. Basically im doing a slight resto, bringing her back to its original grandad/ma self in all of its sheepwool seat cover, cassette tape radio, bobble headed dog glory. Dont get me wrong I love seeing them slammed on a nice set of Japanese 14's, but I'm wanting something a bit more practical with comfort and style in mind. Thoughts here
  5. Hey so i purchased this with it being on my list of cars I limited myself to. It was shortly after transported from Dunedin to Christchurch. Unloading it of the trailer saw the battery dead so that was the first issue and the clutch not wanting to dissengage. So first rewired the alternator and it runs and charges sweet now. The clutch fork was no longer adjustable so after bleeding the system a spacer was added and that left me with a driving car. So this needs sorting anyone in CHCH that wants to do a cashie or recommends anyone that can do it resonably cheap but proper id love to hear from them. So i added these as the steel wheels it came on were bent or so i thought. There was a steering shake that increased with speed so my playful blats in this and it is very playful were cut sort. But these were the culprits.... Someone spaced the steelies to not rub on the struts with fucking washers... So with this solved i got to take full advantage of its beautiful running.... 186... Which it is certed for and is suprising nice in this and gives it plenty of fun in the lower three gears. It runs a w50 5 speed btw. So im sorting some parts now need bumpers mainly front one. And a few interior parts plans are get it roadworthy again. Also if anyone is interested in it it may be for sale as i know of my dream car for sale.. an mx32 with factory 4m and irs. so this may be out the door to get me into that. If not il build it up until i can afford the mx.
  6. Build Thread Home and tucked up in the garage
  7. This has been a long time coming. Have finally retrieved the wagon off the old alcoholic geezer down the road. He imported it at 40,000kms and his goal was to do 300,000 in it before he sold it. That's just happened. The body has had a reasonably rough life but that doesn't phase me. I fecking love it. The 1987 Toyota Mark II GX70 wagon! It's heart is a 2y, 1800cc 4cyl manual with 340,000kms on the clock I believe it's a w55 gear box but I'm sure someone will set me strait if I'm wrong! Goals: #Find the old girl a new pair of shoes, I am open to suggestions and offers, if you think you can help me out, I'm an apprentice chippy so I'm not looking to spend heaps! At this stage I think I'll have some 14" stealies widened, pretty deep and tyres stretched to suit. #Slam the old girl,(I didn't know how else to word that but it sounds duuurty) I'm after some help in this area too.... In regard to who to go through, what i need etc! Thanks to anyone who can help. #A new heart.. As much as this engine has done well in its time I would love to replace it for a new slightly faster beating heart. Perhaps a 1ggze, 1ggte, 1jzgte. Again, when the time comes I'm well open to suggestions ideas, advice and most probably some help. Issues: When in reverse or taking off in first gear the car has a hella shudder going on. Issue fixed if clutch is ridden but obviously not ideal. I've checked engine mounts and there fine. What else could this be? Cheers.
  8. So boes, I post but I don't actually own an oldschool car, but I figure if people are interested in CaM/Slammers pug, then maybe some people may be interested in my chaser build. So I bought the car in March, pretty fuckered. I already had the motor, just needed a car to put it in. I got to Auckland and it was a piece but the girlfriend at the time proceeded to enforce I buy it as it was our ride home. Its a Chaser so its middle spec between Mark II and cresta. Started off 2 litre 1gfe auto which was fucked, and one of those stupid foot operated parking brakes. It is now 1g-gte powered with a w55 and hand operated park (among other uses) brake. Pics - Old poos Empty hole 1ggte in the hole Meaty flywheel SX80 parts car (w55, pedals, lines etc) Sexy new centre console Springs in the boot officer New exhaust - Pure 3" How she looks today Exhaust tip painted Front mount (600x300x76) Bum Old fuel pump New fuel pump So thats where I am up to today. Bidding on some new reyums tonight. Fingers crossed. 17x7.5 & 8.5
  9. Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/23145-alistairs-bangin-cressy-of-1uzness/?hl=%2Balistair+%2Bcressy Finally picked it up today after the incident of not getting fucking rt40 i wanted. The only thing worse than driving an auto 1G from hamilton to aucks is driving an auto 1g from hamilton to aucks with a fucking miss and an auto box that wouldnt go into overdrive. Was epic roffles. Anyway heres some pics before i start 1uz project. I think its pretty tidy for what i paid for it. No rust, good paint, good skid rims, interior in good nick etc. Pics boes... Huge boot for all my NAWS /nah Plans are, Get stupid 1g out Do manual conversion with w55 box Collect all 1uzfe stuff over next few weeks including new fly +bell from a1 turbos Get mounts from auz that bolt into cressys saving me 20709273423 hours and moneys Custom extractors, sweet straight exhaust with two muffs back to two straight pipes Using standard computer, being wired by brendan at A1 Sort out suspension Do epic skids. Thats the plans anyway. Discuss.
  10. so yea thought it was bout time i chucked this up. if any of u remember the cressida that jebus built? well this is it ( i think the old thread is still on here) brought it back in mid 07. rolled round on standy rims then a set of 15 inch standy supra rims for a bit, ftl. then got off my arse one day and started hunting for wheels. pickies up soon Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/23015-lowgans-cressida/?hl=lowgan
  11. Bought this chur waka off loceda a while ago after he picked it up from down south with a blown clutch. We replaced the clutch but he no longer needed it as a run around so he handed on the beast. In pretty average condition but did the trick as a daily. Soon got bored with it so it got cutty treatment before christmas. Unfortunately while on the piss I forgot to check wof and reg before cutting and it turned out to be 2 months over due. So had to stick in celica shocks for the next wof. Is now being driven by mike and spence because I have moved up to piazza goodness and is currently for sale if anyone is keen to experience Cressida-ness. boso by loceda baha
  12. bought this last week. have to wait a few weeks to pick it up from tauranga but im not too bothered. its a 5 spd manual and in showroom condition Plans for it... get it in the weeds plan on going as low as possible while still retaining some everyday drivability. some period style rims (someone please please sell me some nice old school rims?!) maybe some light tinting not really a fan of black as fuck tints so will be very tasteful then probably flick it off see if i can make a few bucks on it. any constructive opinions/input is more than welcome *edit* those ugly ass light covers will be the first thing to go
  13. Id owned this corolla for 4 years and built it from scratch, ended up with 4AGE, Coilovers, Hilux Rear etc.... Then sold it late last year, this is it at the time of sale. Then on January 1st 2007 I bought this GX71 cressida. Stock as $900 from taupo. It looked like this. Then I needed rims ASAP so made the mistake of going to Drury Tires, coughing up heaps of money and buying these. 17 x 7.5jj Then got 35% tints all round and Lowering came next, I ended up using stock struts, cbf with coilovers... I got Low king springs for the front then had them compressed 30mm Cobra lowering springs for the back compressed 50mm For shocks in the front I used GT4 inserts, these were shorter with big valves and held my springs captive, sweet Rear were Townace ones I modified, again big valves and short as. After lowering it, it rolled like this Discussion Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21278-jebuss-cressy/page-1?hl=cressida
  14. OK, this is kinda long, and if you don't have broadband, turn back now. last year i decided to sell my 1983 MS112 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon. Not an easy decision, but i got it when i was 16, so owned the sucker for nearly 10 years. I also had a 1993 Celsior and a Telstar for my work runabout (Crowns are pretty thirsty so once petrol got over $1.30 i wasn't enthused about the prospect of running it everyday). Im a big fan of the early 80's Toyota's, and generally like cruisers, so was getting very bored with the mid 90's Mazda/Ford deal. So time to find something more appropriate as a daily. So goodbye Crown. SO i happened upon this 1981 Cressida GLi "Custom Extra Wagon'. They are pretty rare, most GX60 wagons were sold in the US/ Canadian markets. Less than 8% of GX60's were wagons, with the majority being the lower spec'd Corona Mark 11's. Very few JDM GX60's were badged soley as Cressida's, most being Grande's. The old boy i bought it off had had it since 1991, covering 60,000km in that time. It sat in his shed when he never used it. It has the ubiquitous 1GEU 'power' plant. AND WAS AUTO, ohhh yeah! I drove it like this for a few months; chalked paint, boarded up rear quarterlight,broken grille (where a Labrador's head was planted) sigma steelies, blown exhaust manifold, one fender mirror--- dirty harry styles. the engine was a wicked runner, for some reason it was cheaper on gas than my run about Telstar shit box, i kinda got attached to the wagon and decided to restore it, keeping it standy. My Celsior was getting too exspensive to run and this was so much more practical than the Telstar, and the Tellie just 'aint got no class. In the meantime i bought a Nissan President, so i tossed up the feasibiliy,while i had always wanted a Pres, it was an impractical 2.2 tonne beautiful piece of Japacana. I consulted the abacus, and sold the Pres so i could pursue with the restore of the Cres. i know one car per thread but this wasn't a project and i sold it so i could do up the Cres, so in a roundabout way it was part of the project. my favourite part of the car was the tailgate, complete with American apeing woodgrain 'applique' - Mom.apple pie and rice! SO the auto must go..and viola! one 1981 Grande with low kms and a W55. The car looks in ok nick in the picture, but i can assure you it wasn't..it was so rusty with more bog than steel. It had been sitting under a tree in kapiti for two years ran ok but the radiator was shot to hell, i drove it back home to the Naki, it creaked, groaned, over heated and took nearly 4 hours but made it..
  15. Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/20702-pies-super-rx30-cressida/page-1 well done to those who guessed it. i now own seedy al's cressida. nothing to report so far. begun to tidy up the paint. cruised. enjoyed. got heaps of looks and WTF comments. turned up to a toyspeed meet on thurs evening to find one of the MSNZ boys had brought some vehicle scales down. she weighs in at a mighty 1124kg! Wheels will be goin back to al as soon asi can get sum time away from xmas shit. and dont worry your presious little panties cam, im not gettin the discs. more to report and pics coming soon...
  16. Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/20513-seedy-als-japboso-rx30-cressida/?hl=%2Bseedy+%2Bcressida SO I have had this car for a while, bought it with cuts in the front, and rear springs in the boot. Took it for a drive, and the back shock broke off the eyelet just as I was driving past some cops. Seemed the sparks of the shock draggin the ground caught there attention, and got pink stickered. But if a bummer, but hwta the hell. So I got into, Is now Running custom coil overs in the front and shorterned shocks all round. Got a cert last week, went for wof today, and still failed on shocks and springs, so more pissing round required. Basicly i just want an old school japanese stlyed ride that no one else has, so thats not to hard. have been getting sick of hearing the words Boso and drift put together with rides that have no dish, 1 inch of dish is not deep dish!!!!!!!!! The wheels are 14x8 and 14x7.5 'American racing' which is a japanese copy of Volks basicly. But here is a pic anyway, will update as I go. Future plans are oil cooler and a few fiberglass mods, like a front air dam, and maybe one of those crazy under body spoliers for the rear. Oh and some crazy Exhaust Allan the Seedy
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