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  1. M8, this lived a few houses down from my place. I was pining over it hard and wanted my mate to buy it but he's a pussy /cool story
  2. If you need any parts give me a PM, and I can give you the OS discount for classiccarparts.co.nz - I manage the store in NZ Also, as for 10s, I have a set of Dunlop D1s laying around if you're interested? Take a look at my earlier build thread posts to see them. Be careful not to buy any 4x100 wheels as the Minis take 4x4" which is 101.6mm I think, so they won't quite fit! Great looking car btw
  3. My opinion? Replace them anyway. It doesn't hurt to have nice new ones (http://www.classiccarparts.co.nz/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1667)
  4. Ah yeah they would be horrendously expensive though I think. Like possibly $300, cos they would be recon'd old units
  5. Oh no you have a serious problem. But hey, at least you know a good parts guy! *wink*
  6. Yeah I wanted it to look like its meant to be there. The badge itself was a lucky find too, came in a box full of old badges some guy's grandpa had collected over the years. Thanks for your kind words hombre
  7. Photo update because I can
  8. Hey man, if you head over to classiccarparts.co.nz and see anything you want to order, chuck me a PM and I'll give you the OS discount code. There's overnight delivery on most items and we have heaps of bits in stock that you would find useful!
  9. Maaaate, next time you need something from Hawkswood gimme a PM, I'll give you the OS discount code (I manage the business)
  10. If I were you I'd leave the clutch cover in bare alloy. It would probably pay to use some proper alloy primer stuff, I've never had much luck making paint stick to them for very long. Also looking at the oil cap on the rocker cover, it would probably be a good idea to replace it. If you give me a PM we could talk about setting up some sort of a deal for ordering parts through my work (classiccarparts.co.nz)
  11. I have some ramps if you can't find anything else. I'm on the shore
  12. Wow, Its been a while since my last update... Things have been up and down since then. I've swapped the engine out for a 1000, just temporarily. I'm slowly building up my performance 1100, but in the meantime I've bought some 20thou oversized pistons for a 1000, so I'm going to do a real quick budget rebuild on that. Basically just bored out, slotted pistons, decked head and reground cam. Keeping it simple! But other than the engine swap, things have been going fairly well. Chucked on the Cooper S reverse rims and Yokohama A008s and now it sticks to the road even better than shit to a blanket! I honestly don't know how it does it. Next up suspension-wise is new shocks, seeing as the old ones are very well stuffed. I'll get some nice adjustable and shorter shocks so that I can adjust my suspension down a bit too - it's currently sitting on the standard height. Other than that, I've given the interior a bit of a tidy up, with bargain reclining front seats and a Riley Elf rear seat (luxury!). I also chucked in some retro speakers and a soon to be hidden headdeck. Now here's some pictures:
  13. Those speedwell seats are what I want for my car! They're so sleek and coooool. Also feel free to check out stuff from my work - classiccarparts.co.nz (we can get any Mini parts for a damn good price!)
  14. It's a factory one from some form of Fiat as far as I know
  15. Well at the moment we're still struggling to get it running right. It seems to be massively overfueling and just flooding continually. So it's now a matter of trial and error I guess haha