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  1. Just saw tris. OMG yes. If you no want, giz
  2. Hey team, looking at a set of coilovers that are about to close and the seller hasn't responded to a shipping request so was hoping there might be someone close by who could box it up and send/NZpost it to Wellington? Let me know and we can suss out details/beer money etc. Thanks.
  3. Got tricked into thinking there was actual Princess and SW20 content. Ffffuuu
  4. Sweet will hold out for the next one! I'm not a very good hoe.
  5. Can I come on the next one even though I don't have an OS/French car?
  6. Just buy it Ed. Let me live vicariously through your MR2 hoarding lol.
  7. I thought you could run SW20 rear bars on AW11s for a cheap upgrade instead of going aftermarket?
  8. Sorry not offset, was meaning tire profile. Uncomfortable in terms of ride, as it becomes quite jarring. Probably would want to run a spacer if you are set on 215 fronts. My tires rubbed on the inner wheel well running 215/40s on full lock. Got 205s now and can get full lock with no rubbing.
  9. Someone said MR2 + Advan tri spoke? I have that exact setup. SA3R, front in those exact specs, rears are 9 at +38. Personal opinions, dont run 35 profile rears. It'll be quite incomfortable. Would probably sell them too cos I dont need that many sets lol. Is your car lowered? 215 fronts may rub the inner wheel well. Oh and stick with 114.3, there's tons of wheels around!
  10. Yeah I gotta make it up to Manfield one of these days and scab a ride off him too! Was too late last time
  11. Know how I know you're gay? Puhuhuhu
  12. If I was up there, I would help you/stand around doing nothing and tell you to buy a City turbo you mong.
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