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  1. Yeh mate. Me and Mel rolling my old man's 57 down plus crew
  2. Should of looked in the floor of the wagon whilst walking by would of been worth your time.
  3. So since you got those wood trim tail light inserts your going to send me the old grey ones right??
  4. Looollzzz I was watching those wood grain tail light covers also. Good thing I didnt end up bidding since you got them.
  5. Basically I need some tail lights and surrounds on the boot hatch. Are you parting out that wagon?
  6. That is awesome! Good job tracking it down. I recently purchased the slammed out white 260 330 wagon from down chch. Look forward to watching build on this. I need a few small trim bits so if you find any wagon spares let me know
  7. Just casual whiped this up today at lunch/after work out of an old diesel tank and stainless exhaust. Will add a few more bit to it tomorrow.
  8. Definitely do the clutch while your there along with the release bearing.
  9. I don't think alot of people realise the engine bays are different between UK made slant 4 engine c.f. Bedford and ozzy made straight 6 c.f. bedfords so a quick "Chuck another motor in it barry" doesn't work as easy. Plus gear box mount plus engine mounts plus driveshaft plus etc plus etc
  10. Holden straight 6 202 or 186 is definitely the go for "easiest" option. But by easiest I mean weekend after weekend of hard graft to get it done tidy. Trust me. To keep rolling on this summer just get a gear box mate! Those 4 speed zf gearboxes are notorious for looseing there syncros in them. Contact the guy next door to pick a part Avondale on the left hand side he's closest building to the motorway he knows his Bedfords and may have a gear box hanging around.
  11. To me sounds more like carb issues. Running alright at idle then running crap under load sounds like jets. Being a person who has owned a few of them they always have carb problems
  12. Shit points? Or running electronic dizzy?
  13. Been sitting dormant for a few months as house build back in full swing. Used long weekend to my advantage and got stuck into the boat. Pulled interior out and hung it up on the gantry at work so I could get to the shit parts of hull to fix. Will spend tomorrow mucking around with it.
  14. @pusherman me and the norm crew just going to be in swap meet as usual not under the os banner as such similar to last year. But will hopefully get a better position then last year.
  15. Oh mate a i still have your l.e.d lights in my truck from last year because I know if I leave them there when I see you at Kumeu I have them on me.
  16. How could a Kumeu be possible without a drunken me there.
  17. No wheel alignment i put springs in last night lol. Def not guard mounted low as you see whole cab leaning down and tapering back to the rear of truck. I'll take to work today and put on flat surface and meaure all around.
  18. I'm aware of the drivers side spring tensions but my truck has right hand drive conversion so it kind of eliminates it I would think? Or make it worse? I did just put brand new springs in so wouldn't that take it out as well or is there something other then springs?
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