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  1. An update on our Bedford! We lost all but first and third gear two weeks ago and managed to drive her from Mount Maunganui to Dannyverk where Darren Jackson spent the day helping us fit a new gearbox, only to go down the road and rip it in half! We lugged back to Darren’s and he helped us take apart the two boxes and jimmy up something that would work. We worked through into the night and just before leaving realised the univesal attached to the rear dif was the problem, so quick as a flash Darren jumps into one of his many beddys, pulls out the drive shaft and we were on our way back north. 36 hour round trip, wasn’t bad at all! From theeere we went up to Hamilton where my gear lever snapped off, knowing I had to be in Auckland for an interview with the rock station a friendly repair shop working out of the old dairy factory in Tairua, welded us a lever back on free of barge, after we had to go 25km in second to get there on 100k roads. Pretty freaky stuff. From there we made it on time to he interview and left the van with Big Brown Industies in the North Shore. We came back and watched the last off the progress of the wrap. Even stayed in the van in the shop. Big thanks so everyone that’s been helping us with information and parts. It’s incredible! If you’re going through Dannyverk send Darren a message, his collection is beautiful and he’s full of knowledge. Next up we’re going to go for a conversion to help us the rest of the way around the country towing our barbershop! Also going to get the seats re done! Thanks again team!
  2. Yes! Smashed through two gearboxes, just to find the offending culprits was the univesal joint at the rear dif end was seized. A new driveshaft and we were away laughing for a seven and a half hour track back to Tauranga!. We ended up making a frankenbox with parts of three old ZF boxes. The decision has been made to repower asap with a holden engine.
  3. Haha the mural has been fun, but I’m ready for a change! Truenotch was was that pic taken at Hart rd? Im working on getting the ZF gearbox up north at the moment, just waiting on hearing back. Then will make a work day! Ive read people saying I should do the clutch at the same time, where’s the best place for a clutch kit? BNT? thanks again everyone!
  4. Yeah did the plugs and points, have some serious esaust leaks so going to try do that as well, it’s pretty well buggered . Always has clean oil as the oil leaks and I top it up each time I put in petrol! The air box thing has a wee oil resivour in it too that I try keep as clean as possible. I could buy a clutch kit realitivly easy? Thanks so much for the reply!
  5. That sounds awesome! I’m going to see if I can get the gearbox to Tauranga, then I can drive it up to Auckland and see if we can get a few guys together, I’ll chuck on a spred and give some haircuts! Are there any other parts I should find at the same time? Thanks everyone that’s giving advice and kind words, this is defiantly a awesome community!
  6. @johnnyfive that was me! Would love to touch up the Moo-Lay anytime!
  7. Here to talk and get any help possible with The Barter Barbers 1971 Bedford CF charity Barbershop
  8. Hey Team, My name is Sam, but most people call me the Barter Barber, my dog and I travel around the country in our beautiful old 1971 CF Bedford. It’s currently running a 1.8 slant with a 4speed manual gearbox From the van we run a not for profit and cashless charity project called The Barter Barber! The idea behind The Barter Barber is we drive around New Zealand Swapping Haircuts and Cut throat shaves for food and petrol, Koha essentially. From a mobile Barbershop that we tow Behind our van! A 1980s Sprite that has been repouposed. The reason we do this is to talk to New Zealand men about topics like mental health, communication and ultimately suicide prevention. Helping our men get help they deserve, even if they’re not in one of the major cities. As our guys often get overlooked when it comes to how we’re doing and we’re too used to “harden up” rather than being able to deal with our emotions! as far as Van mods go at the moment, she’s pretty standy, camper conversion in the back and the aftermarket high roof, or at least it looks that way. We’re getting it wrapped by Big Brown Industries in Auckland soon, to get rid of the mural and make it water tight! It’s been a wet winter haha. future mods Is kind of why I’m posting. I was sent to Oldschool because we’ve been having some real issues with the van and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep going on our mission and we were told this is where we could maybe get some help! I’ve lost most of first gear, all of second and all of reverse in the truck. We’ve been offered a gearbox in Hawks bay but to be fair would it be better to repower the engine, with 10’000ks towing the barbershop to go? More looking for advice at the momento or maybe someone that would be interested in helping? in return during our mission we are filming a doco that will be released on New Zealand Television but also internationally. And would love to help any one that helps us by gifting them advertising and haircuts for life! also anyone that has a cool bus that needs a bit of work but won’t cost the earth could be interested in upsizing with the right fit for the mission! thanks so much for reading all this and having us on your forum! If you want to learn more about who we are and what we do you can see our Facebook at www.facebook.com/thebarterbarber or watch Attitude T.Vs recent doco on us (and see all the van has to offer) at Thanks so much again, will try and start this discussion thing! Remember it’s Okey not to be Okey!
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