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  1. Hey, anyone traveling back to Auckland on the 4th I can catch a ride with?
  2. arr Must have shut up in the last year... try this place Sheffield Crescent Auto Centre
  3. like I said go here for cert Christchurch City Autogas http://www.chchautogas.co.nz/ Meh shocks have been like the whole time ive had it as a daily so I saw no point in replacing them.
  4. I have a parcel that requires picking up and shipped to chch, ideally using toll depot to depot would be the cheapest Beer $$ will be paid
  5. made it to the Smash Palace bike show in the weekend to debut my bike along with a whole lot of other awesome bikes. Still need an exhaust made but i just borrowed one from another bike... almost there.... Pesting about Camouflage behind in the car
  6. Forgot I had this one ;D In Japan finding Inspration In Japan Finding Parts
  7. so good, at least you have something to show! I have nothing haha
  8. Anyone going to Mangere pickapark anytime soon, im after a few parts off the following.... 18-02-2016 Sirion Model No JDA 4 Door Hatch - 1999 - White - Petrol - Manual 1000cc Can pay for your time etc After hub caps Cam sensor (might be a pain to get off) Injector seals, 2 got lost at the engine reconditions) PM me
  9. Wheels rebuilt, cheers NZmoped for the new rims!
  10. Have some shorter inserts if you are intrested
  11. My old man is taking the corolla for a wof next tuesday morning, he reckons it will make it there and back no worries, he drove it over to the coast not so long ago
  12. I have driven to the coromandel and back in it, blew the rad and did a headgasket but that is all fixed now haha
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