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  1. Hey, anyone traveling back to Auckland on the 4th I can catch a ride with?
  2. arr Must have shut up in the last year... try this place Sheffield Crescent Auto Centre
  3. like I said go here for cert Christchurch City Autogas Meh shocks have been like the whole time ive had it as a daily so I saw no point in replacing them.
  4. I have a parcel that requires picking up and shipped to chch, ideally using toll depot to depot would be the cheapest Beer $$ will be paid
  5. Horse25

    Horse's RD50s

    made it to the Smash Palace bike show in the weekend to debut my bike along with a whole lot of other awesome bikes. Still need an exhaust made but i just borrowed one from another bike... almost there.... Pesting about Camouflage behind in the car
  6. Horse25

    Horse's RD50s

    Forgot I had this one ;D In Japan finding Inspration In Japan Finding Parts
  7. so good, at least you have something to show! I have nothing haha