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  1. It's a car. Cool, right?
  2. That brazier doesn't appear to be serving much purpose.
  3. Man I hope we can drive through snow.
  4. How snowy is it expected to be?
  5. Yeah bring it
  6. A big grief or big campervan?
  7. There's one on the tard for $6k. Which is a lot of money for a 121.
  8. I hope it's exactly like that
  9. I'm keen to join this bang bus
  10. I need to teleport here somehow. Dane you taking the Deez wag?
  11. Why is Dane not on the list?
  12. Yeah someone make a thing.
  13. Mine's been out for awhile
  14. Yes.
  15. Supercharged and NA cams aren't too different, should be able to get the gains regardless. Screw sacrilege. The car still looks sweet and original, IMO a bit more poke from the engine just complements it.
  16. Ed, as your self-appointed financial adviser, I strongly suggest you invest in those cams.
  17. MRP stroker kit
  18. Not gonna put in any gofast bits while it's open? Cams etc? Obviously ya can't go too extreme with the factory computer but everyone loves a lumpy cam. It's gonna be lush with a brand new engine though. Good work.
  19. I have the week off so can fly down early and help with any last minute repairs / modifications / Barra conversions if required