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  1. What would it be worth? What cc is it? Looks omega badass prime
  2. I see this on my daily commute to my gf's needs no springs and ugly fake wheels asap
  3. Want me to pop past when I am back in aucks and take some shots for you man? more than willing etc
  4. I think they will look nice small tires, dark centres and heaps of slam will do wonders man. You will get an idea of slam when I sit in it tonight haha
  5. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-par ... 992545.htm
  6. Wide as shit smoothies with no white walls.
  7. Yeah, I do owe this one, so I will roll the next two after. Fuck yeah I want a ride.
  8. Got me a date buddy.. Next time!
  9. I hope its a burnt valve cause thats what I suggested..
  10. keen as tues avo is wicked. I will PM you my addy.
  11. Mt Victoria mate, if you do have some spare that would be wicked.
  12. top one man, i have looked around the local hardware stores and havnt come up with anything.
  13. Hey bros, anyone got a spare section of a fine wire mesh that can be used for shaping? only need a piece about 1x1.
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