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  1. I have done it under the car, its flexible enough to get the tool on it in most situations. You can hook a fuel pump up to it and measure the flow per minute
  2. Gly is free to anyone, some of the harder stuff is supposed to have the paperwork to show you can use and store it, but I have never been asked, even when picking up like 200l Can get phosphoric, I just get it sent
  3. Thank you to @4AG_Addictfor exposing himself to the filth of a junkyard y10 Set of factory fog lights, brackets, and switch, and amayama came through with new trims for a couple bucks each. NoS nizbitz
  4. Some cleaning supply places have it as well, I assume they take your details incase you are buying a suspicious amount tho
  5. Do you have a hydrometer? No good putting dead acid in a new battery lol Try here, I see they have 1L https://hamchem.co.nz/chemical-applications/industrial-chemical/product/battery-acid-1260
  6. If you get real caught out you can mix up some Epsom salts for it, but it's not ideal
  7. They are supposed to send the little pack of acid with it? It's a pain to buy now cos of druggos. Bike shop will probably have the packs
  8. yeah i imagine its a tricky system to keep entirely up to date when theres dusty parts sitting on shelves for 30 years better than any nz company i have bought from who will take your money, you send them emails and phone calls for a month before they say its out of stock
  9. wow, well in my case they did find them and they are now on their way
  10. i think by march it will be all G for spreading small bike foam cape might be touch and go, east coast might even put roadblocks up for non locals, cant imagine theres a high rate of vax there
  11. VTNZ have a stat Dec form on their server, its file VTTE010 Anything that says I do solemnly swear on it is legal as per nzta guidelines I just go get vtnz to print them out for me cos I ain't paying for printer ink No need to have the previous owner sign it
  12. Geeze the ga13, I didn't think any actually existed I went for 15" wheels cos cheaper than buying replacement 14" tyres lol You unfortunately don't have dings in every panel?
  13. Heres some more from Trinidad and the Philippines they sure know how to steam a good ham
  14. with a little work it could have looked like this They have a different bum on them, hatch, trunk space is all different, but still same garbage
  15. Wingroad was top spec. Could be AD van or sentra, but those were povo work vans, but don't recall seeing any y10s with speaker in dash. Maybe previous gen
  16. i think you are confusing this with some other garbage car, maybe a early 90s late 80s sentra? this has full sound system and had options for a high end one Theres heaps in papakura, its truly a bottom of the barrel, dirtbag car. perfect need to shift some bikes and get this in the shed for panel beating, hopefully sell some off now that the only disease you need to worry about is that which comes in the cheapest wag for sale
  17. i dont think i need a clutch but i hate to say no, because then i will need one is it standard/not heavy duty? I got a new waterpump for $1 last week. Cheap motoring
  18. nah they ran inside to get started on covering up the native timber floor with lino
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