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  1. I'm working on the 12th in the morning but would be free to help after that
  2. lucky for you that sweet new car of yours I picked up today has a saggy hoodlining and it's not even a vn!!!
  3. sticking with the LD28. that was one of the reasons for purchase. plus its already got cert so should be an easy wof once the rust is dealt to
  4. discuss how silly I am taking on another project while all my other cars sit around doing sweet f all
  5. heres one of the nutech rebuilt scuttle and the made of filler passengers front guard
  6. underneath seems solid. so a quick coat of rustkill stuff before the new bits are welded in. The A pillar will need a little more surgery as it has gone right through the inner pillar. this is only the passenger side, the drivers side seems alot better.
  7. next up... every datsun owner will make a post about this at some point in their datsun ownership ..... RUST. as you can see there are a few holes that have been hammer in a bit and filled with bog. becuase this car deserves to be saved all the crap is getting chopped out and replaced with new steel
  8. don't worry those hideous rims are long gone. The first job was the gearbox, it had a noisy input shaft bearing so was a bit rumbly. @fletch the nissan gearbox whisperer was in Christchurch a few months ago, so along with @RUNAMUCK the gearbox was removed, new bearings and seals installed then put back into the car, no pictures of that but here is a sweet pic of the custom intercooler piping...
  9. Discussion Thread Hi my name is Karl and I have an issue. People keep offering me lush cars. so instead of working on something I already have, I end up buying another and working on that instead. this viscious cycle leaves me with heaps of unfinished projects.... I might learn to say no one day. so one day at work I was minding my own business when @datto_610 flicks me a text out of the blue, "I know of a turbo ld28 h230 in chch you keen? (H230 is the chassis code for a 260c sedan btw) Its pretty hard to ignore a text like that. So went and had a look and took it for a spin around the block (no reg, no wof, no worries spec) came back grinning from ear to ear, such a hilarious car to drive. I had a chat to the owner found out his price. paid a deposit, said I would be back in the next couple of weeks with the rest of the money. easy right. sort of, unfortunately lots of projects leaves the cash flow a little tight at times. this was one of these times. luckily I have a very understanding younger brother @azzar. He agreed to finance the purchase while I sold one of the other cars I had recently finished (MK5 Cortina sedan). The car itself is a 1975 Datsun 260c Sedan, came out originally as a 2.6 petrol, 3 on the tree with a bench seat. The guy who I got it off had owned it since 1981. so it has had a fair few mods over time. these include but are not limited to LD28 +turbo an extensively sound deadened engine bay complete with old bits of tin pop rivited over the holes in the engine bay and covered in sound deadener column 5 speed gearbox with custom "short shift" style linkages power steering from a later model 260c twin intercoolers with custom pipework that fits snugly behind the front bumper sweet rust repairs that involve hammering the rust hole in a little then smearing bog over the top pretty safe to say the previous owner was a Barry. in his defense slightly, The car is certified for the mods so he can't have done too bad a job (minus the rust repairs) anyway, thats probably enough of a wall of text. you guys all came here to see pictures right?
  10. He lives in Hornby now, mainly wrecks AU's these days.
  11. you should do some makita one ways in the front to go with your trailer full of logs up the back
  12. we were thinking July for a run out to the cruisy days diner in Oxford.. https://www.facebook.com/CruisyDaysDiner/
  13. Thanks to everyone who came along. we are going to do Sunday meets over winter. Do you guys want to mix it up with where we go, or just stick to the one pub/place?
  14. The Valley Inn @1pm - we could go for a drive after?
  15. so. I thought we should do a weekend meet since we haven't done one in forever..... next meet Sunday the 30th
  16. hard to believe its the same car! it's looking so good now. well done
  17. yep I will be there. look for the white mk5 Cortina on minilites.
  18. @d.p.n.s does something work related with shipping containers
  19. they must of put the prices up, i'm sure it was less than $30 last year, ah well, next meet is up now.
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