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  1. @datlow Looks big enough to get you into the heavy vehicle category / nightmare
  2. Once they are sleeved they should last pretty much forever.
  3. One out of 5 ain't bad. You could have bought this and badged it up. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2707454155
  4. Dynamight Zututututu Whooshter Crusher Deeztour
  5. Have had fancy pants Riley ones done by this place in ChCh a few years back. http://www.toresleeve.co.nz/
  6. Felt guilty about walking past this in the shed and never touching it, so finished off inner guard mounting this week. Tune in in a couple of years for next update.
  7. Took a break from the front door and removed the rear tailgates over lockdown. I hadn't been able to open the lower tailgate as the full width piano hinge was rusted solid. Only movement was due to rust flexing Some of the screws came out, but many needed drilling as the heads were rusted away. The flap at the bottom is attached to the tailgate and covers the lower valence area. Some of it is missing. Removed the hinge and stripped the tailgate down. This is a picture of one in good shape.........
  8. Good to see you sticking with the british sourcing. Surprised you went for BMC power though
  9. Also https://thespinoff.co.nz/money/26-06-2020/the-cops-wont-ping-you-for-an-expired-wof-but-your-insurance-might/
  10. https://www.nzta.govt.nz/about-us/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-services-update/documents-with-temporary-extensions/
  11. I've got the BOC 181, seems to work fine. Single knob makes setting easy.
  12. Thanks. It's a torsion bar that goes inside the tailgate hinge for my woodie. The ends are ground square to fit into a cast bracket. One end shown below.
  13. Any idea what a good choice would be for steel selection for a torsion bar spring. Needs to be something I can get in NZ. OD ~11mm, length ~1140mm. I need it to twist about 90 degrees. @ajg193 @sheepers
  14. Twins FTW Strombergs or SU's of course /ling
  15. Wrecking yards / parts bins are good to look through for options. Also disc brake catalogs like DBA https://www.dba.com.au/products/catalogue/ for alternative disc options that will make things fit better.
  16. You can make your own caliper adapter mounts, no worries. Best/easiest if they are flat plate of reasonable thickness. It's OK to weld spacers on to get the position correct. Here's a pic of the plate for the Mercury. On this I just let the spacers float on the bolts The ones for the Morris are on the top left of this pic, spacers are welded to these It's usually a matter of trying calipers out until you find a set that can be mounted easily.
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