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  1. New front tyre fitted: Speedo in place: Dodgy epoxy job to keep the sensor where it should be. I slapped a couple of neodymium magnets onto it for a stronger signal: And this sweet accessory courtesy of @Geophy. Perfect for a few beers and other paraphernalia.
  2. The countdown to Te Urewera is on! So far I've managed to complete a few things: Replaced broken front brake lever Made headlight and tail light work Fixed lighting switches Shocked myself trying to operate the kill switch Installed a horn button from another bike as a kill switch Fixed chain tension (it was floppier than I've ever seen) Tightened head tube bearings Checked oil pump - it works! The previous owner was pre-mixing the gas because he doesn't trust self-mix setups... But it still has 1/4 of a tank of oil and my from my tests it seems like the pump works fine, so it would have been RICH on oil the whole time he owned it. Still to do: Fit new front tyre Luggage rack / panini paneer panniers Mount number plate Carb clean and rebuild Fit an ignition barrel / key / anti theft device It also has a bit of a rattle that I think could be piston slap or a noisey kickstart idle gear. More diagnosis required. I've poked my finger up the exhaust port and it certainly seems to have some slap at BDC. It might need a good warm run before I can diagnose it properly. If it comes to it, I've got a freshly bored cylinder on the other MX that can go in its place.
  3. @Archetype has some strawberry flavoured stuff, so you should try to latch onto his tailpipe wherever possible. By the way, @Beaver and I have a couple of Waikaremoana bed spaces available in our cabins if anyone's in need.
  4. One month left until the Urewera ride and I’ve barely touched the MX100. It needs a lot of work before doing a 500+km mission, so I was looking at taking the FS1 again. Then one day an old acquaintance sent me a message on Facebook: The price was right and it has a couple of upgrades (GN125 rear shocks!). Thanks to @crustywhip for the OSGC freight service to get it up to Hamilton. There’s a list of things to do, but it will all be achievable within 4 weeks. Hopefully it’ll be ready for a medium distance shakedown by mid November! So far I’ve taken it for a brief squirt up the road. Wound it out to 70kph at low rpm in 5th, so it should have a reasonable cruising speed for the open road stages.
  5. Shiii, this is only about a month away. **buys another bike**
  6. Smellan might have a 20R piston in his hoard. @Mourning Cupcake, can you ask him maybe?
  7. I'm glad nothing's changed since this thread started in 2013. 3" is king.
  8. The usual advice for Suzuki auto oil engines is to keep the standard setup in place for the reasons you’ve already mentioned. Some people have drilled the cases to get oil flow and I’ve heard of others manually lubricating the bearings with an oil can periodically... both those options seem more annoying than fitting an oil tank.
  9. Truenotch


    @a.craw4d and @xsinclairx - we can supply some pretty fruity wrap vinyl if you want to go that way. There’s various different pearls and sparkly options. The 3M 1080 wrap vinyl is really nice to work with too.
  10. Churr Greg. I've updated the first post with the date and time .
  11. Yip, we should be able to do this. Hopefully we can find a good image of the text to work with.
  12. Is this car Kent powered? @Rookie’s technique was to just change head gaskets between runs at the track .
  13. IIRC @kpr was using a combination of both materials when making his mufflers. In the industry, the good mufflers seem to have multiple layers of different material. This is from the AdrenalinR website: Every single muffler we fabricate utilizes our 3 stage sound absorbtion methodology which consists of tightly wrapping the baffle in exhaust grade stainless steel wool, ceramic matting and a layer of tightly woven needlemat fibreglass blanket. The stainless wool breaks up soundwaves and creates a barrier preventing the packing from breaking up and exiting the rear of the vehicle prolonging the life of each and every muffler. The ceramic matting absorbs noise and heat preventing the fibreglass turning back to glass. The needlemat fibreglass blanket acts as the final noise insulator which results in quieter, deeper notes singing from the rear of your vehicle.
  14. Is performance important? I think a single 3" is far too small for an LS1, but it'll be OK if it's just a cruiser. AdrenalinR make the best mufflers, but if you can wait for USA shipping, Vibrant is a good option.
  15. That was an epic meet. Thanks to @64valiant for making it happen.
  16. Hi all, Nan from The Bling Company has invited us to check out the build of the 3rd RWB NZ Porsche on November 30 / December 1. Some of us will be on the East Cape ride, but this will be a fun day for those who are local. All the key details can be found here:
  17. I can hear the oldschool drag day calling for your AE already............
  18. The best thing to use is a head temperature sensor. @peteretep has one on his street magic that works quite well. The thermocouple usually has a little terminal that goes under one of your head bolts and gives you an idea that your motor is running hot. Also taking the time to get a safe tune beforehand makes all the difference. You want it a step or too below the point where it's just too rich.
  19. How long had you been running that filter for? The cold air mixed with not running a factory air box would result in a very very lean mixture. By the way, I reckon you should keep this bike ~100cc.
  20. Awesome! I'm hoping to get to a ride or two before the end of the year. Hopefully I get it howling up to the original 68mph (best around the block was 70kph, but it'll get there). Found a headlight and gauge assembly from a T125 for $50. I've bought it and hope it will arrive this week.
  21. Just needs a couple of spannys and it'll be ready to scorch a few snags!
  22. This year has been a real rollercoaster. I've had far too many projects on my plate (and a lack of motivation to finish them), not much expendable income and a huge life change with my 5+ year relationship ending... So I've been planning on thinning the hoard, moving somewhere else and starting a new life. So when an old, rare 2 stroke bike showed up, the logical thing to do would be to pass on it. Right? WRONG. Enter the Wolf. This piece of Suzuki engineering is 1969-1971 Suzuki T90 Wolf. It's very closely related to a T125 stinger. My dad and I missed out on a T125 last year and we were gutted. It was a green one in "barn find" condition- but appeared to be missing the carbs: Then a wee while ago, @SOHC happened upon this old T90 Wolf that he and his friend used to ride around 15+ years ago. He said it would be available, so a deal was struck and I went to collect it over the weekend. It's a quirky wee beast and has some cool features like a seat that hinges backwards - I've never seen this style before. The seat has seen better days and needs a trip to midnight upholstery so @64valiant can work his magic on it. The frame, forks and motor are all bit dirty and there's some corrosion, but it's surprisingly good for a bike that's been sitting for this long. It needs a headlight, indicators, speedo cable (the thread is broken on the underside of the speedo unit) and the forks will need a bit of love to deal with the peeling chrome. I think a strip and re-paint will be good enough for starters. Eventually I'll strip this bike down and give everything a proper clean up. The frame could do with a blast and re-paint, the tank needs a small amount of rust cleaned up and a re-spray. Overall it's a very solid bike though! And runs amazingly well for something that's been sitting in a barn. All it took was a bit of fuel and it fired into life. Jeah! Rare, old, small capacity, 2 stroke, twin cylinder radness. This should be fun.