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  1. Churr peeps. I'll give them a tingle tomorrow. Edit - Gizzy accom booked for @RUNAMUCK, @Beaver, @mark105 and myself.
  2. Thanks. Next question... Who has a spare bed or 5? looks like she's full!
  3. @johnnyfive - can you please add the locations for each night to the first post? I went to book accommodation and got confuse. Friday Gisborne, Saturday Waikaremoana? Also, who would like to bunk-up in a fisherman's cabin at Waikaremoana? @Beaver, @Geophy, @mark105, @RUNAMUCKBORT?
  4. Truenotch

    Aubs fa50

    Nice, it had a leg shield! Don’t see that too often.
  5. Sounds good man. I'd say you could go higher than 25 entries for the grip side while still giving heaps of track time. You'll easily be able to run 10 cars at a time, so the 25 cars/drivers would get a hell of a workout (heaps of track time, but lots of people will fizzle out by mid afternoon). My suggestion is Friday the 13th of August .
  6. Sounds like it's time for a Beams conversion.
  7. Our boot lock is butchered from accidentally locking the key in the boot once... now it’s jut a vague hole that you can turn with a screwdriver etc. The rear springs look factory to me. If you decide to upgrade, try to find something stiff with a linear rate (not progressive).
  8. Oh wow, I know this car! It was never very fast (hence being in the RS cup), but did loads of events and the owner was always good to chat to. Did you get the logbook with all the homologation papers etc? Are the Konis able to be converted to coil over? These cars improve a lot with stiffer springs.
  9. What brand of pot belly paint did you use? I painted my motorbike exhaust with a hot black paint from Mitre10. I think it might have been Plastikote brand? It cured nice and flat and stuck really well. I cured it for half an hour or so with a heat gun and it seemed to work well. I feel like it was this stuff:
  10. That’s good thinking Bartman!
  11. That’s awesome @Theo! They are very cool little bikes. Mine is very complete, which is lucky. It will still need quite a bit of love to get it back to its best and I’m looking forward to the resto. Mine will need a mild engine rebuild at least. It seems like at least one crank seal is misbehaving and I’m sure it could do with a set of rings or even oversized pistons. Is yours a high pipe or low pipe version? Definitely keep in touch if you find parts. I’ll do the same.
  12. Front tyre is a 2.75-18 Shinko SR241 and the rear is a 3.5(?)-16 Shinko Holeshot super extreme knobbly.
  13. Truenotch

    Power files

    Yep, the toolshed power files are legit. They're no makita, but are cheap enough and can take the abuse most DIY users will throw at them.
  14. I’ve never pulled a set apart before, but ask the question in this thread, I’m sure someone can help:
  15. Fuck yes. That little EJ and gearbox look perfect in there. Perfect recipe for a slalom slayer and a donut machine. Here's the car I was telling you about a little while ago that's a similar concept. It has a 2.4L Audi V6 and transaxle in the rear. I can't find many pics of the rear suspension setup, but hopefully it'll be at the track soon for more investigation:
  16. I think we should give it a go if we're allowed. oldsocialdistanceschool meet.
  17. Converting to compression struts is a cool idea. What are your plans for the lower arms and steering knuckles? True, but you don't want to remove all dive from the braking, otherwise all of the dive energy goes through the geometry and not the springs. Most things I've read say to go for a maximum of 80% anti dive to retain good driver feedback under brakes.
  18. Nice work, as always . Looking forward to seeing the new engine come to life. As for your suspension mods - the rear bar should make a huge difference to balance! There's always new challenges that come with adding components to racecars, but getting the front/rear roll stiffness balanced out makes a lot of sense. Interesting about the shock valving too! Sounds like it will be a completely different car to drive once they've been re-valved.