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  1. I can make a fudged invoice for accommodation / event booking if you want.
  2. I'm sure we could find space there if pressed. Maybe in that paddock full of tractors?
  3. Yep, I’ll gladly take the other. @RUNAMUCK and I can push the beds together and spoon.
  4. Is this for Friday night in Gisborne? Waikanae Beach Motel? How many beds have you got free?
  5. It's only a sausage fest because most girls don't find it appealing. I'm sure it'll be fine to bring her along. My partner was going to come along, but we've decided that her FZ50 might struggle!
  6. Paid. One of my friends is really keen to join in as well. He's looking at a small bike as we speak (usually rides a 750) and is super keen to get a ~100cc machine just for the east cape ride .
  7. That reminds me... Dad's got a couple of bivvy bags stashed away in Palmy. You might be onto something @Beaver.
  8. Waikato crew - has anyone booked accom yet? @Archetype, @Geophy, @mark105, @64vauxhall, @Beaver I'm thinking about Waikanae Beach Motel Friday night and maybe the holiday park in Hicks Bay on Sat? @Vintage Grumble - what's the name of the holiday park in Hicks Bay?
  9. Yeah, I’ve had a look at design software / spreadsheets but it gets really confusing really quickly. It seems best to have the bike already running so you can work out things like approx exhaust temperature, rpm etc. I’m pretty sure that won’t be the last chamber I build for this thing!
  10. Thanks KY . Here’s today’s progress: Tacked in place: Mig’d her up: I have no idea if this is going to work, but it’s been fun to muck around with.
  11. I've got a few parts on the way, so have been having a play while I wait. Pulled the guards off to give them a paint. I'm not sure whether I want to run it with or without guards yet... Painted the guards black for now as they were covered in flaky chrome. Gave them a quick skim and a dab of paint. I think I prefer black guards over chrome anyway. I was thinking about buying one of these... But my bank account disagreed. Luckily someone has posted measurements online: So with my powers of deduction and cardboard cutting skills I've managed a rough prototype: I've only got 1mm panel steel in stock, which is probably a bit thick, but I'll give it a crack. Wish me luck!
  12. I need recommendations for tyres. The current ones are OLD Ching Beys or something. I'd like a sportier option, like what's on @Horse25's RD50. It's got 2.50 -17's at the mo and I'm wondering whether a 3" / 90 would fit. Also removed the wheels to check the brake shoes. They're pretty glossy and old! I've ordered a new set from @Raizer. Something tells me the rear brake lever isn't in the right place... It sits really high and quite far out to the right: Might need a gas torch to get it into the right place. Current state of affairs: It's pretty amazing how much you can do on a bike with minimal effort. Last night I removed the engine to check a couple of things. This required removing ONE BOLT (foot pegs were already off) and undoing 5 wires. I'd been trying to avoid removing the engine because it seemed like a hard job .
  13. Another job sorted: Benign Ram - I like it .
  14. This thing is sweet! Thanks for letting me ride it today.
  15. @Kimjon - do these things have enough power to hold a drift around a banked velodrome?
  16. @Kimjon, will there be spectator admission for the Drift Trike Grand Prix?
  17. Ooh yeah, spantastic: And an indication of how the carb will sit:
  18. It should be able to go well I think. There's plenty of reports of standard FS1s reaching ~90kph, so I'm hopeful to achieve that number with a few mods . Got the clutch side transmission cover sealed up and refitted. Also bent the foot pegs back to roughly the correct location.
  19. Got the clutch working again after some head scratching. It needed adjustment to get the actuator bearing closer to the pushrod. Had a good squizz around this side while it was apart: And pulled it further apart to see what else is hiding: Underneath the bike you can see the shadows of it's dirty past... Man there's a lot of dirt in this thing!
  20. Yep, it's sitting in his shed in Palmy at the mo. Needs the brake master re-kitted, but is still a mint car. He's had it since 2001 and probably won't ever sell it.
  21. @4AGEMAD's project thread: I highly approve of this car! Nice work. Someone must have really loved it to justify converting it so well. My dad's car is like a pre-facelift version of yours. This is the car that gave me my username. Keep up the good work!
  22. Gave everything a quick clean up and set the points. There was so much crap under the sprocket cover! Gets really good spark now . Also investigated the broken stud - I suspect it used to be the other way up and someone sheared the top off when tightening the barrel down, then flipped the stud over to pretend nothing ever happened... The thread is good inside the casing, so all it needs is a new stud and it'll be good to go. the next funny thing is that the clutch no longer actuates. Maybe cleaning all the crap out has dislodged an important piece of actuating dirt? I've pulled the cover off the other side and the clutch plates and pushrod look good, but the rod on the actuator side is solid as a rock and I can't get it to disengage at all. Maybe the little ball bearing that sits between the pushrods has escaped?
  23. Took the cover off and removed the flywheel to get a look at the points. The left hand coil has loose windings at the bottom... Anyone seen this before? I think it still works, but might give out soon I guess?
  24. I really want vids of this thing hooning.