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  1. I cant do that ride this year either. So my fizz levels are pinging gillies too.
  2. I imagine missing eastcape will make you fizz for some small bike pesting action.
  3. I would love to help too, but PAP is the complete other side of town from me, and I just dont have the free time atm.
  4. I dunno about with a rising rate reg, but a mate recommended using the second discharge off my reg plugged with a 60 thou oriface as a return so the internal bypass in the pump (Holley blue) didn't overheat the gas from thrashing it around. It was a lot of pump for a 1500cc motor though.
  5. The only way last year could have been better was if you guys had been there.
  6. Are we going to see you, @Duke Blackwood and the pole smoker too?
  7. The real question is, What wheels are you going to run?
  8. Brace yourself for the Molesworth Moped Melee 2022! Based on last years higly sucessful event, the next one will be held on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of March 2022. A breif overveiw is that this is a ride for dedicated pests, riding small motor Bikes. Friday 4th March, we're setting off from the beautiful alpine resort town of Hanmer springs. And traveling the Molesworth road, taking Taylor's pass, through to Blenheim for the night. This is around 200kms. (Mostly unsealed) https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1G4yXjXAnRQ8CSi-WwTN4hghbMgk89sek&usp=sharing There will be a BBQ lunch when we stop at the historic Cobb Cottage. Food and some drinks provided. Day 2, Blenheim to Nelson. With a detour up the north bank of the Wairau river, and up mount Patriach Then back through to Nelson via the Maungatapu track/past the Maitai dam. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1rk2QIYvV-II3QYy6cvcHh-ygYrv_g9uq&usp=sharing This is by far the most grueling day of the three. (Participants will have the option of skipping out the final ascent to the very top of Patriach, and can opt to take the road from peloris to Nelson instead of the Maugatapu track) Once again there will be a BBQ lunch and some drinks supplied. Day 3, Nelson back to Hanmer, via St Arnaud, and the Rainbow road (toll road). https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1PTxU0yCmEI9Ogb2r58O_4cDfhcx-w5MM&usp=sharing Again we'll have a BBQ lunch, (Probaby at lake tennyson) We have some people offering to drive backup vehicles with trailers. To carry the BBQ, and carry any broken down Bikes/People. These backup vehicless can carry a small bag per rider, but its asked that riders try to be as self sufficient as possible. The support vehicles will carry a 20ltr of communal fuel (bought with the entry fee) but please dont rely on this. Any fuel containers which are placed in a support vehicle must be 100% fuel tight, or else they're going to be left behind. (Imagine going to change your socks at the end of a days riding, and your bag has a gas leaked on it) Bikes, The idea is to complate this ride on a Small bike. We probably wont turn away people on larger machines. (Last year there was a 250, and a 400 that came) But it's not in the spirit of the ride. Likewise, your machine needs to be able to hold wide open throttle for extended periods too. This isnt the ride for unproven or unrelieable bikes. Also you want to have a decent top speed. A stock nifty50/FA50 is going to have a bad time. Entry Fee this year is $40. this covers the BBQ lunch each day, and a few drinks. we're also paying for the Toll road fee on the rainbow road for the back up vehicles. (Any left over funds at the end will be offered to the back up drivers for fuel/spent on cheap beer. Participants will also need to bring $20 cash to pay the toll on the rainbow road on day three too. Accomadation will be a fend for yourself type arrangement. It's heaps better if the bulk of the people stay at the same place. But we can hammer that out nearer the time. Last year we arranged off street parking for any vehicles/trailers which needed to be left in Hanmer while we were on this ride. I expect this will be the same this year too. the thread for last years ride can be found here,
  9. Day one I'm sure we could squeeze in one side mish. The riding is so easy, that it's no stretch. Day two was the ultimate test of man and machine. (Summiting Mt Patriarch, and the Maungataupu track might not be for everyone) I really need to start the thread for next years event.
  10. And a little green Plymouth waits.............
  11. But if they arent pinging gillies tight, then they wont be loud, and people wont know you're cool!
  12. Shit to a blanket is understating how well 11fc holds. Quite some years ago we used some to glue some steel plated to 80mpa precast concrete panels. They had to be removed due to a fuck up. (Monster sharn that story, that could have ended VERY badly/front page bad news) I ripped the plates off the panel with a cold chisel, and a club hammer. When I finally got it off, there were bits of concrete stuck to the 11FC, that had been ripped out of the panel. Its fucking amazing shit.
  13. It might just be the alcohol talking (it is) but I wish I were coming on this.....
  14. My 2c, Make sure you have lots of bracing from the block to the supercharger. The torsional load of driving the blower will put serious strain on your manifold mounting.
  15. I heard a sharn about some larakin who popped a pair on a slammed truck with slapper bars. Ones the tyres had been released to atmosphere, the slapper bars hit the ground. Such unacceptable behavior!
  16. Just my observation, This site http://www.hotrodsandhemis.com/Traction.html they reckon the top bar wants to be halfway between the centre of the eye, and where the second leaf ends. But I literally know nothing about Caltracs besides what I read there.
  17. There must be millions of them around. Every RoTang came with one, and most rotang engines are no longer of this earth.......
  18. I hope you'll finish the chevette first?
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