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  1. From the horses mouth. Hi You would need to personalise the plates by calling Kiwiplates on 0800 650 111. We only reinstate a vehicle’s registration if the registration has been cancelled in error by us or one of our agents. Kind regards Tania
  2. nivaman

    Battery chargers

    I am still using a battery I bought 9 years ago, got it load tested late last year by the same place I bought it from, their verdict was it was still good.
  3. I have been told the original number is available either as a standard plate or as a personalized plate, I would prefer the standard plate route if I can.
  4. Sorry I realize I was less than clear, the car never had black plates, only white ones.
  5. I have bought a car (NZ First Registration Oct 1986) and it was registered new in New Zealand in 1986, I was it's second owner back in 1996 and promptly bought it back from the (now) former owner when I found it again (sentimental reasons). I received a purchase receipt from the previous owner and am trying to get them to write that I bought the vehicle off of them. Unfortunately the rego is dead, Carjam documents state that the vehicle was permanently taken off the road (Feb 2005) so am looking to get it re registered using the old rego numbers (sadly the seller didn't have the plates, strangely they were white plates even though first rego in NZ was Oct 1986 ). Have called around and have been told the plates are still in the system and are available, either to get them remade or as a personalized plate. Would much prefer to have the original plates remade and reissued to the vehicle. I wish to reinstate the plates as these plates the vehicle was issued with from new and wore until it was de reg (and as above for sentimental reasons). I have been told that there is no rush to secure these plates but I do wish to secure ownership of the plates promptly while I am restoring the vehicle and to ensure the (original) plate number/letter combo remain with the vehicle. I am worried that someone else will take the plate number as a personalized plate or be re issued to someone else, thus negating 'somewhat' the value (to me) of restoring the car. Is this possible to do whilst I am restoring the vehicle?. The car is not a Japanese import but was built in Germany (as carjam states). I have an old purchase agreement from a car dealer with vehicle details, rego window ticket (3 of, last one states 2005 the year the rego was cancelled), build sheet with the vin number (on the boot lid), carjam report with the vin number and the personlized plate people who told me what the vin number is and it is stamped on the firewall. I have been told the vehicle cannot be registered to me as the registration has been cancelled, I do want some way of noting I am its owner and seems to me if it has no plates it can't be owned. Can I purchase the plates or rights to, keep them on hold until I finish the restoration and take them with me when I take the car in to get re registered? (providing of course I can secure them). Is there anything else I need to do to secure the plates?. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
  6. Some 4wd Nissan Skylines had a funny front diff set up, the diff was in the sump unlike the Niva where it's front diff is bolted underneath the engine.