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  1. Nice project! I've got a Gen 2 Civic which I just want the engine/booster, etc off if you want to look at taking the rest.
  2. I've got a contact who works out of his home garage, have had some work done by him - Not the best but very well priced. PM me if you want his details.
  3. Looking at getting my project repainted - More to factory standard than show standard - If that matters. I'm happy to strip all the trim, windows, etc myself. But would rather someone, prep, remove surface rust and repaint, etc. Any good recommendations around Wellington?
  4. I've still got mine, but im still planning to do something with it I do know a guy in Wellington with 1st gen civic parts though - He's got a rolling chassis available.....Flick me a PM and i'll try put you in touch.