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  1. Ok so has anyone looked into the rusefi kitsets / assembled - speeduino style but current top version is capable of 12 cylinder sequential injection and ignition https://rusefi.com/wiki/index.php?title=Manual:Hardware_Frankenso_board
  2. Transom

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    Tool shed electric cheap as goes hard for what it is and their belts are cheap as - I only buy the 40 grit as they don’t last long anyway comes with a straight 13mm finger a bent 13mm finger and a narrower 5mm? Finger have not found zirconia belts for it yet and local tool shed had a good look thru listing for me in 13x455 once you have one you will wonder how you did without it ryobi +1 do one of you have that gear already
  3. So I am guessing it’s not normal for ignition driver outputs from ecu to sit steady at 8 volts each while nothing is happening slight drop on each when cranking - don’t have a scope ... or a clue really lol
  4. Well that escalated quickly some good pros and cons and some good advice amongst all that and some good options to consider if I could go hey send me a speeduino for $200 I would be all over that but currently it’s not an option megasquirt even as a kit ends up being a few $ after gst and shipping will do some more diagnostics on what I have and scratch my head a bit more
  5. Yep all good points and yes I am diy as much as possible - trying to go for least frustration at the moment after getting some progress after a long slow battle - yes we play with odd old cars for fun I enjoy the challenge of figuring things out that but with the money I have spent on this so far I could have pressed the easy button long ago thanks for input - I am thinking the ems stinger can die in a magic smoke fire...
  6. Ems forum is long dead and the manufacturer site is barely hanging in there yeah have thought about building an ms-2 or speeduino but at this point I’m over it and just want to see some results while I have some time to spend on it
  7. Yeah I got a 90s spec laptop with serial port that talks to it fine - anything more modern can’t open the help files ...
  8. Right got a few questions for the gurus from a diy efi noob basics - ems stinger ecu setup for wasted spark 3 ignition channels thru Mitzi j723t igniter and Mazda/ford coil pack for v6 36- 1 crank trigger and vr. ( magnetic ) pickup I have power in the right places and tachometer on laptop shows steady 200rpm cranking so theoretically the sensor and settings for crank trigger are working rising rate ignition and dwell settings are as set for Mitzi ignitor tested ignitor and coil resistances and connections and wiring don’t seem to be getting spark visible at plugs or on lead tester but have had a few chuffs on engine start ether stinger software has an ignition simulator but it won’t seem to open on laptop any ideas ? I’m kinda at the stage of fuck it buy a link atom g4x ...
  9. Yeah it’s getting an almost fire on engine start - have tried earthing a plug out but can’t see or hear a spark - will go for fresh eyes in the morning
  10. Ok here’s a question - will a petrol engine fire on engine start ether with no spark ? ??? Can it give a chuff just from compression ? attempting to wire something that has many ways to put the leads on coil pack don’t seem to have visible spark at plugs but have had a couple chuffs when I put ether down the throttle
  11. Cool I need to give him a call sometime - would be so much easier in mot
  12. Other stuff I have done then forgotten about removed the stupid cooling hose that runs from front of the heads to the back between the V to the thermostat bought a Davies Craig electric pump and gutted the water pump to feed inlet water in thru there and return back thru the stock water outlet at front of heads - ecu will have control of pump got main throttle cable sorted and mounted and double return springs bought runs a crossover cable between the two banks of throttle bodies - will I need 2 sets of double springs ??? ( each ITB has its own spring on butterfly also) Stuff on the list to cross off ... wiring .... ecu and get the motor running first then body wiring fit rx7 Flexi clutch hose and bleed / check clutch engagement refit rear brake lines and bleed - has all new pads rotors in the bigger nb size fit new polybushes front and paint front arms Refit dash and seats and centre console delete test hoon round section in ever increasing laps go for a bigger test hoon and see about an alignment and fail a warrant find somewhere for cert as closest was Nelson /mot but no longer cert guys there which is gonna be a pain - build trailer may be an option
  13. Long overdue update now with added shed hoist and coronavirus bought a new mig and spoolgun and attacked welding a new mount for starter onto bellhoising - seemed to work ok used 10mm alloy plate and there are 2 bolts that capture it right thru to the block - no photos but it looks factory - starter mounted and engagement checked many times threw motor and box back in again - love this put engine on crane and then just lift car on hoist under it got very bored during lockdown even working some days so small steps one wire at a time - made a big fat new earth wire for battery - and better terminal on positive lead and reattached lead along the pppf frame to the starter new wire from starter positive to alternator output and new wire from there off to start of new fuse box clipped a wire onto starter solenoid filled engine with oil and removed spark plugs that were sitting in loose and turned it over with socket on the crank pulley for a bit touch starter wire to positive fuse terminal and we have turnover yay was not sure if I was gonna have to prime oil pump after sitting so long with no sump on and being upside down and stood on its nose quite a bit but had a gusher from my oil filter adaptor right away stopped attached hose for filter and oil cooler then turned it over till solid oil out of the return hose then reattached that if I can make and fit 1 wire per day it’s progress Blah blah wall of text - photos
  14. Yep I have seen the whole guide to doing it looked at it while I had both gearboxes apart - about that time I figured my new diff was higher geared so no need for a taller 5th gear seems the pro7 series race cars do quite a bit of mix and match with the 2 smoothcase gearboxes and mazdatrix has a lot of info on them 323 is gonna be fun with that tiny wheelbase and some power
  15. Good on you for getting into the depths of the gearbox - was going to do the rx 5th gear swap into my Mx5 gearbox - but it’s the last piece you get to disassembling ... so it stayed
  16. Don’t pull the motor out - Easier to support the motor where it is and remove the bike from around it - these are tanks 100k km is just about run in for a bmw bike
  17. Sheet of glass and fine sandpaper ? Or just sheet of glass and grinding paste ?
  18. Mx5 loom is a clusterfuck - no seperate engine loom all wires for everything bundled together and exit out both sides of the engine bay can be done and you will end up with not many wires - check out some of the guides for Mx5 based kits cars as they do exactly this no immobiliser on early models unless aftermarket
  19. Yep my cigweld 135 is still going good but just upgraded to an inverter based mig and the difference is amazing so much more adjustment and control and having the euro torch fitting and smoother liners and easier replacement paid 299 for the cigweld 135 new weldsmart 200 was 500 $ on 1$ res auction from online tools trademe Nelson - also does arc and can do alloy spool gun cigweld is good for a starter but for a few dollars more ...
  20. Diesel pump seal fail so they leak down overnight and then you drive 1km in the morning and conk out / bleed / go again $500 to fix - or electric fuel pump hidden under the battery box - ask me how I know lol
  21. Cracked head - they all do it usually starts with the radiator header tank bottle dying
  22. Sweet will take a photo and some measures - looks like your own pictured up earlier just with remote
  23. @twisted Hey I found a rf900 rear shock in my shed rebound adjust and remote res with hard/soft adjustment - going for the price of courier to you if you want ?
  24. First one looks very generic Vw/ Audi / BMW i bought some from AliExpress to fit vw 02 sensor
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