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  1. Heh, yeah in another life I did an old school mechanic apprenticeship..... Looks like I got some electrical/computer issues to work through.
  2. If anyone had a lead on a Workshop Manual, that'd be great!!
  3. Hey All, Finally bought a project for my son and I. Want to return it to original, it's pretty good, hasn't been modded, still has factory exhaust!! Found it in a shed 2 years ago, went back last week with a pile of cash and picked it up. It hasn't been on the road since 2003, and hasn't run for at least 5+ years, the owner said it had a computer issue. Was rebuilt before parking up, and was told it had new genuine housings installed. Looking around I think thats correct, it also has new cap and rotor, brand new starter motor, the oil is spotless. It hasn't been crashed and repaired, and the body is as good as a 35 year car can be expected. Haven't seen any major rust at all, underneath looks really good. The fuel tank is completely shot, but after clean the lines, filling the engine with 2 stroke oil to lube it up, then spinning it over with no plugs to get oil pressure up, all seems good. We fired it up last night and it run pretty well for 2 mins, then stopped and we couldn't start it again.
  4. Hey, what did you use to get the gearbox so clean? And are just replacing all the nuts and bolts as you go?