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  1. We still have mounds of snow, and neighbors with trees still have snow covering south ends of yards. We are out near Littlerock Like i mentioned ,, you should go even if your car is still apart.. i aint in need of meet-up or anything just go all secret squirrel.. I'm usually talking too in heated arguements with, guys i only get to see in person once a year. A dude named Hogie drives a NL320 ( working on a 312 wagon but it needs everything) and if it's nice Wayno drives either his NL320 or his U320,, and both those clowns would love to talk about 312/320 type vehicles.. I have an older brother that doesn't like going because people might talk to him,, lol. the only people he hates more than strangers,,, are family ,,, haha .
  2. Hello,, are you still in the northwest ? Have you heard of a Datsun show that was held in a town called Canby ( south of Portland) .. Well that show was ran out of fairgrounds by the powers that be ,, so it has been moved to a place just north of Salem called Powerland NW .. It's a huge place that normally hosts tractor/thresher shows... Anyways,,,, if you never been, there is usually over 200 Datsuns from many states and Canada.. Even if your car isn't done you should go to it,, it's a great way to charge your Datsun batteries.. A 2 day event,, Saturday ( there is camping on the grounds) , and ,, Sunday is usually a early end ( 2pm-ish) as there's tons of guys from SoCal that need to start their trek home.. There is apparently tractor museums you can go in, on the premises ( first year being held at location so don't know what's in them) Very low key and such, and most owners are older so not a shitshow of 20 somethings doing donuts.. This isn't my show i only go June 8-9th http://www.antiquepowerland.com/index.html http://www.antiquepowerland.com/html/calendar.html <<< calander,, It says Japanese vehicles but it's only Datsuns and older Nissans / Cedrics Really bad video i did in 2017(?) ,, there are about 30 or more cars behind where i started walking from and some that never really leave "camping" area all weekend Not sure what My son and i are driving this year yet,, but probably one of my usual 411s OR 410 project i am putting off because of bathroom remodel . and sons got a A10 2door project ( he normally drives A10 wagon) he was hoping to waddle down there in. He's behind on that as it's been so cold,,, and being a 23 year old he is easily distracted . Did any of that make sense ?? lol .
  3. How did you do this ?? Is it paper or vinyl wrap,, and if paper how did you stick it on there an seal it and such? Car looks good
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