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  1. Yes we still have Maggie but unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye - it’s been fun. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/austin/auction-2505567865.htm?rsqid=af83af910db9493db683c024ce1a86bd-002
  2. Big countdown car park next to the b fuel on valley road. Not sure what's its like on a Wednesday but will check it out.
  3. From the driver information thingy To ensure the organisers meet all health and safety obligations, all cars must be on site by 9am and cannot depart until 3pm (on approval by organisers and for emergencies only, a vehicle may be able to escorted o -site by parking marshals. Please seek assistance in this instance from the Information Tent).
  4. Welcome to the gang, we need to organise BMC foamer stickers and mugs.
  5. Any plans for a convoy down there on the Friday night?
  6. Hello. Bit of background first i guess is the place to start... Me (mtbtimr) and my mate (Sammy1222) (both 20 and relatively inexperienced mechanical engineering students) recently bought a 1972 Austin 1300 in bold but original magenta. The aim is to restore this little beauty to its former glory (classic), and learn some about cars etc along the way. Since this is a first for both of us we chose to start with something which was already drivable (WOF and reg). So here she is! Her name is Maggie. Couldn't resist taking it to uni day 2
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