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  1. Big countdown car park next to the b fuel on valley road. Not sure what's its like on a Wednesday but will check it out.
  2. mtbtimr

    Brits at the Beach

    I'll be there with something.
  3. Will bring the holy hydrospastic pump for you Andrew.
  4. From the driver information thingy To ensure the organisers meet all health and safety obligations, all cars must be on site by 9am and cannot depart until 3pm (on approval by organisers and for emergencies only, a vehicle may be able to escorted o -site by parking marshals. Please seek assistance in this instance from the Information Tent).
  5. mtbtimr


    Welcome to the gang, we need to organise BMC foamer stickers and mugs.
  6. Any plans for a convoy down there on the Friday night?
  7. mtbtimr

    GuyWithAviator's 1974 Austin 1300

    Good effort mate!
  8. Procrasti-shopped a photo from Beach Hop... maybe one day.
  9. mtbtimr

    Matt & Laura's 1976 triumph 2.5tc

    Love this. How are you uploading your photos? If you upload them to an external site then link them to your post you can have much higher resolution.
  10. Username is NZGT4 on here, not sure how much he uses the forum though...
  11. mtbtimr

    Calling all BMC/SU foamers

    "Not necessarily a good idea as the Vacuum is not controlled. In the HS type Carbs (and most others), the Vacuum take off for Vacuum Advance lines up with the Butterfly such that at Idle, there is next to no Vacuum for the Advance. This reduces the likelyhood of overheating while waiting at Traffic Lights and the like." Overheating vs bad fuel economy.. seems like its best to go for the lesser of two evils...?
  12. mtbtimr

    Calling all BMC/SU foamers

    Turns out the carbs are off a late model cooper S which didn't come with vacuum advance. The ports with the Y connector are for the flywheel housing breather.
  13. Halp //
  14. mtbtimr

    Calling all BMC/SU foamers

    So we recently picked up some twin carbs off Samdash's 1300... They have AUC870 and AUC871 on each of the body castings. Our current single carb setup uses a single 1 3/4 su carb. The issue: Currently... We have the timing cover (AKA clutch cover AKA fly wheel housing) venting straight to the atmosphere through the v. We have our rocker cover also venting straight to the atmosphere. The vacuum advance from the dizzy plugs into a little nipple on the front of the carb. There is no other vacuum port on the carb. All is well. With the new twin carbs... There is a vacuum port on each carb, currently joined with a Y piece (presumably for the flywheel and rocker cover ventilation). There is no vacuum advance nipple on either carb. So should we somehow plug the vacuum advance from the dizzy into Y piece and leave the flywheel and rocker cover venting to atmosphere? A bit of reading suggests the carbs are post PCV design or something... Any one understand???
  15. Yea we thought it might be for connecting to the flywheel ventilation... But then can't find anywhere to plug vacuum advance in...