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  1. have started rebuilding a spare front diff, braced it and strengthened the steering stops. while I'm at it have changed from 4.11 gears to new 4.83? with a LSD have got new slotted discs too because the brakes are shit house.
  2. heres a pic from up at the lighthouse, sweet place to visit if you have the time
  3. long time no update. finished the rear tyre carrier, got a better tent and awning can actually hang off this one. took it up north for a week camping near dargville at my in-laws place its sweet 300 hectares on the beach with nothing there. drove down to poutu light house etc.
  4. I have a bj71 with a 13bt. the one you are looking at rust out around the windscreen frame, I paid $4500 for mine in fairly good condition 8 months or so ago. mine has been addictive to spend money on though and parts are not cheap. if you do buy one go nuts on the fish oil etc inside the body, the handling is terrible if raised, and the brakes are shithouse at best. so yeah buy it.
  5. yeah i think that first aid kit was the one my mate lent us in the trailer
  6. vizsla , people use them for pointing\hunting etc. super high energy spastic dog
  7. messed up with these callipers I spent loads on re-kitting, internet said they are a good upgrade but I never measured to check see photo. not too sure if theres a way to make an adapter plate or something. fitted longer brake hose to the rear tonight, used one of those no friends brake bleeder things man they work sweet.
  8. can't seem to upload more pics..
  9. been driving this thing round heaps, needs the diffs re-geared. was a bit hung over today so went down the beach and had some fun. heres some pics
  10. nice that looks really clean. also looks like something i could copy , you weren't worried about protecting the grill\lights? yeah drive everywhere in 4th gear so 4.56s should work
  11. Keen as to build a front bumper not too sure on shape though. would like to keep the old pto winch, am tiding it up to put back on. can buy 4.56 ratio gears wondering if they would be ok. heres how the rear bumper is getting on. Pretty agricultural but I don't have many tools at my disposal (welder and grinder)
  12. got some cheap roof racks this week second hand, put on the roof tent and fox wing (3 side) awning, we are testing out some products for my wifes father and seeing what needs improving etc. brought a 16 tooth driven speedo gear to correct the speedo but unfortunately it doesn't engage properly so doesn't work. Am thinking about putting 4.3 ratio gears in it as the current 4.1s are a bit long. anyone got any 4.3s for sale?
  13. jeez you must feel like a drug dealer cruising round in this, looks good a+
  14. brought some new extended brake hoses from rock auto for about $90nzd delivered vs $300au$ just searched through similar year toyotas that had lengths listed. handbrake cable turned up, started work on the rear bar
  15. 4.5 seats, could strap someone on the bonnet if need be too.
  16. is it ok if i bring my handbrake? she's keen if so, or is it a sausage fest only? will have a roof top tent, and sussed out a decent waterproof box trailer for the piss. will put up a pic of it sometime.
  17. i think it does need a bigger driven gear thinking about it now, from the minimal internet searching apparently i don't have to change the gearbox gear, doesn't work in my thought process either. might just buy a 20 tooth and give it a go, if its tight going in it probably won't be right.
  18. Hey have put larger tyres on my old land cruiser and the speedo is out by 12-14%, Im guessing it needs to be close to accurate for cert, have looked into mechanical correction boxes but can't justify $265au + postage\tax. Have found you can buy the gears from toyota new, so I'm thinking I will just buy the correct one. My speedo gear thing that goes into the gearbox is marked 6-18 (6 tooth in the gearbox and 18 on the one that you can pull out) you can't change the inside gear from 6 so if i change the 18 tooth gear to say a 17 or 16 does anyone know what one would help correct my speedo, long winded explanation but i can't figure it out. cheers
  19. Yeah mate heres his name on fb, if that doesn't work i can send you the link on fb or something, Kelby Van Der Lizem
  20. good to see you could find the previous owner, did you change the ownership of those other plates? am a little worried as they were in my name. cheers shell is looking good
  21. just talked to a mate who has a spare set of brackets to suit mr2 callipers so will go that route, heres a pic of his beast, got me thinking about an intercooler now..
  22. brought my 3" ss bends from adrenalin for under $30, got tubing from scrappy . bends were quite thick and good quality
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