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  1. Any differences in water pumps and pump/crank pulley sizes? I have been looking into RFB water pumps and pulley sizes and there are different pump fin counts and pulley sizes, some combos will overheat at idle etc
  2. I think my mate got a big box trailer done at the galvanizers in Stratford. They dipped it 4 times on a diagonal to get full coverage
  3. @Ja1lb8built a sweet weatherboard dog haus using all the old skirting board from his house reno. Looks better than his actual house. Haha
  4. Took our 2gr lexus gs350 from New Plymouth to rotorua to auckland loaded up with the kids and holiday shit and got 7.5L /100. And I wasn't mucking around. I'm pleased it did that cos it fuckin drinks it in town.
  5. On the back burner for a few weeks while I try to get another datsun on the road. Took the bottom end plus a spare motor to the machinist to make all the holes round and straight. Also, many of the parts I need/want to buy are/have got really expensive. I feel like of I spread out the purchases, it will cost me less.... Bought some r35 coils and stalk adapters to make them fit. They are a possibly a bit more than I need, but they are new and will work perfectly. Other options might be a bit cheaper, but a bit of mu king around and redoing it when they don't work will cost more that doing it properley. Next stop is modify the sump, strip and clean the head, and maybe buy some shiny bits..
  6. I see you mentioned xspurt injectors. They have no filters in them. Could easily get shit in them?
  7. I have a hilux diff in a datsun Cedric with s14 calipers and Hyundai sonata v6 rotors. Fits under a 15inch falcon steelie. Haven't done anything for ages on it but got a mate to laser cut a bit of 10mm plastic as a bracket and it all fitted nicely. The cable comes out pretty straight towards the centre of the diff
  8. 2.5mm hole in the thermostat seems a little small. Thats a lot of time for the hot water to work its way up the outlet pipe to the thermostat, while also getting cooled on the way further delaying the thermostat seeing the real temperature. I have crewed on a few methanol race cars and they had a 6mm or larger thermostat bypass,(either around the thermostat, or back to the pump suction to allow some water flow during warmup) with the thermostat as close to the block as possible to enable it to open once it got up to temp.
  9. Done a few things the past week. Scored a new mirror glass from a wrecker mate. Old one was broken, but it was good to be able to smash it out to see how it fitted in order to avoid breaking the replacement one. Got the larger 17/16th master cylinder. Bad thing is its only a 2 port for ABS models, where i have the non ABS lines needing a 3 port MC. Is there a drill bit available to drill an extra hole? I think i read somewhere that its just a square hole with a the tapered cone inserted to seat the flare. But i have seen guys who have the bling braided lines just double stack the banjo fittings on the 1 port. Maybe i can get a custom single banjo to double female flare fitting? Also got a set of whiteline swaybars front and rear, with the adjustable links etc A nismo coppermix twin plate clutch. Supposed to be near stock pedal feel with 590kw of holding capacity. Had this for a while, got it for a good price a while back ecu, 84mm throttle, o2 sensor. I even found this gear shifter boot in my stash. Who knows when i bought this, but mine is stuffed so its a win When i got the car going, the clutch pedal was always creaky and looked out of place. I decided that since im getting older and have no back issues i would karma sutra myself under the dash and have a look. I ended up pulling the pedal out and sure enough, its from a R33. lol, now i remember doing that maybe 12+ years ago. I dont remember it fucking my back when i did it way back then, but it did this time..... For some reason i tried to buy a new clutch and brake pedal set with all the mounts etc a while back, but only the clutch pedal bracket is available. It would seem thats its all just a bit different The last photo shows a spacer on the front of the R33 pedal box. After a LOT of googling, i discovered that the bracket lives on the firewall on the R32. Mine is missing. Either the auto models dont have it, or i ripped it off when i put the ill fitting 33 clutch in. Anyway, in a stroke of luck, i tried yahoo japan and found someone selling the full set Jackpot! Was pretty cheap too. Somebody tried to snake me in the dying seconds but gave up before my autobid ran out. Phew Also includes the throttle pedal stop and footrest which im missing. AND the brake pedal. Because i did the old angle grinder conversion from auto to manwell pedal pad, and its a bit terrible...
  10. As the resident honda foamer, do you want this timing kit? fits sohc and dohc from what i can gather. maybe D16a or something. belt, tensioner and 2 brackets I ended up with it from somewhere along the line pm me your address if you want it and ill post it
  11. Hard to say. I have a few other missions on. Might bring the 260c sedan. Need some fine weather to rearrange all the cars in my shed so I can work on it.
  12. I think 8.5 will be a good comp ratio. I only want to run petrol. The calipers are all Evo 6-9 brembo. I can get adapters to run the 370z rear disc and the internal handbrake will still work. Plus with the r34 master it will give me a correct front:rear bias without any tomfoolery with a bias valve and whatnot
  13. Yes there is a definite lack of them around now. Its all thanks to the sideways hat brigade and their hectic driving style. Gearbox might be OK. Its a late 33 box i converted to push clutch. One of the main reasons for converting to e-throttle is to be able to limit the torque in 3rd gear, and 2nd if required. I have a complete transfer case and bearing set to give it a birthday and set up the clutches properly, plus a couple of big boxes to raid for parts should i need it. I have been converting 2wd navara box internals to fit RB for a long time now for a bunch of local drifters and have plenty of parts to keep my box going. However, there are a bunch of crazy norweigans who do a conversion kit for the bmw DCT trans. I think it will be about 10k which is a bit much, but dreams are free. Look up HPR tuning, there's some videos of a few 2jz and rb conversions. it looks awesome
  14. Also got some evo brembo calipers and 320mm ish rotors. There are a few types of adapter brackets so i need to find a decent set that will pass cert, or buy some 350mm evoX rotors and adapters for the front and 350mm 370z rotors for the rear. My overnight parts from the UAE turned up yesterday with the r34 gtr master cylinder to suit the larger calipers. They look like the will have some stopping power. The current brakes used to run out just before i got to the top of mt messenger.
  15. I got this back when i was an apprentice and did many of the period correct mods. RB30DET, cut a hole in the front bumper for larger intercooler, loud exhaust, terrible surge tank in boot, poorly fitted gauges (not in the A pillar to my credit) etc etc. It went terribly fast, and ran kind of poorly due to some lol issues that i never worked out at the time. I went overseas not long after and i kept it in an old barn on dads farm with dreams of someday spending a heap of cash on it and doing skids etc This pic was early 2019 when we dragged it out of the shed. Lack of genuine barn dust due to being well covered for 10 years. Nothing happened until maybe a month ago when i got the motor out and apart. Assume the position like the rest of my shed - bonnet up.. Im not sure about the condition of the crank, it has some marks and has already been ground undersize, so i stripped a spare rb30 and will get it measured up and the machining done in July hopefully. So far, i have nitto rods, CP pistons 8.5:1, link G4X fury, 1000cc injectors, GTX 3582r, sinco manifold Its 4wd so i might buy one of those flash PRP block brace/adapter plates. Apparently they are necessary, as if you have 600+hp and a front LSD you will crack the block. But they are expensive, and so is a front LSD. so i might pass on that. Also bought a bosch DBW throttle, and got a 350z pedal assembly, they bolt straight in so that was an easy win. I have some time off in July so hopefully ill make some progress
  16. long time no hear. Have had the work/life balance tipped way too far to the work side since jan 21 and haven't done much on the car. I did get the engine assembled, and @Bistro gave me a hand to install and test drive/run it in sometime maybe earlier this year. Engine went really well. Knocked a bit with the old gas in the tank, but is going sweet with some fresh stuff. Just running a stock cam and single carb at the moment. I have a cam and a MAXX ecu to run the injected carbs. Need to do the fuel supply inside the carb hats, and order some lash caps to suit the cam. Hopefully ill get onto it later in the year. Image hosting seems to have packed a shit so ill try something else. As it sits, a good storage area for my other projects...
  17. Mum had a supercharged jaaaag, it drove like shit at anything under 115kmh. Had to concentrate to keep it on the road. Once it was sitting on 120+ it was a dream
  18. I'm a fan of the Italian tune up tbh. Hondas love it
  19. I wonder how much effect the air velocity has in the inlet. high rpm/air velocity would slow the waves outward path in the inlet? Could be a reason for unexpected performance of odd inlet shapes, with different air velocities due to the diameter change, having an effect on the timing of the peaks?
  20. Low oil pressure not pumping up the lifters? Can you pull them apart and clean out like rfb skylines?
  21. https://nzairfilter.co.nz/aem-30-8762.html 54mm d shaft disc to suit gti-r I got one for my l20et dizzy. Looks the same as your dizzy, except for the mechanical advance. You might have to bin that part and lock it so the ecu can do the advance. You can also buy replacement pickups. It's a lx652. Common on lots of nissan dizzys. Can't remember where I got one from They are 160 on rockauto. Yours should be sweet.
  22. Dizzy looks modifiable. Can you measure the disc diameter? It will be 50 or 54mm. I'll find the link. The pickup will still work, just have to rewire it. Replacement pickups can still be had from rock auto. I have a spare I can send you to trial fit if required.
  23. Has it got bolt on hubs or the press together ones? If the 2nd type, can you just put the axles back in and tie the inner ends out of the way so they can still spin a bit?
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