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  1. @Out of time 88 bring on the pomeroy next year!
  2. For once I actually have a few worthy cars going so could be keen
  3. Yeah man gonna leave the sticker on i think, guy i brought it off was cool with it being left on, I'm not actually sure what it is he couldn't remember, gearbox is pretty shagged though ill be putting a replacement in at some point
  4. yeah diesel laurel in background, wasn't for sale they were still daily rocking that one lol, and its a MS111, 2.6 auto weapon
  5. Earlier this year I pulled it out the garage, gave it a wash and towed it to the local car show alongside my vauxhall. Me and my mates got quite a line going tucked out the back of the show. Hopefully more next year
  6. This time last year while overseas this triumph popped up for sale in the middle of richmond, luckily no one else seemed to be interested in it (must mean something) and i managed to get the guy to wait till I got back and could check it out. Went and saw it, was pretty tidy, rust free, straight and complete with the 2L manual overdrive. Downside, plates had lapsed after the motor supposedly seized and he stopped driving it. I didn't even bother checking the engine due to having some at home, and came back the next day with my trailer, Left quite quick before he could decide he sold it too cheap and on the way home passed a mates house and we decided to try start it. Appeared to turn over quite freely, and with some fuel i managed to get it running, but didn't run all that well. no brakes or clutch, and sounded pretty sad. Took it home as you do, put it in the garage and not much has happened since, would ideally like to drop a 2.5S engine i have from mk2 in it and get it back on the road looking original
  7. So upon going back to the old guys house i originally brought it off, turns out he had another one in front of the container in the first photo on this thread, Got shift and lift to carry it over the 40ft container next to his house where it sat for years and i was away! 1969, original black plates, reg on hold, huge external sun visor, great chrome. all the extras at the time, unfortunately the paint has seen better days and the motor and box is gone, might try rip into it one day but in the meantime I've got it at my yard waiting lol
  8. cheers, yeah i own two of them now, other one is a 69, haven't seen another around nelson at all, must have all became street stocks lol
  9. now she's all wof and reg and panelled and painted where needed. serving as a good weekend cruiser. Hopefully take it on a decent trip sometime soon.
  10. Needs a tidy up under the bonnet
  11. gave it a wash, pretty nice paint under the slime
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