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  1. Sweet wag. I am a big fan of the HQ - HZ wagons. See you at Wagnats!
  2. Umm. I think you answered your own question.
  3. On hydraulic power steering a cracked belt is a fail. Some WOF inspectors may argue if the alternator belt breaks, your electric power steer will stop working and fail a cracked belt. I wouldn’t fail it, so it’s one of those interpretation things.
  4. At the neutral safety switch, do you have 12v at one of the pins when the key is at the start position? the wiring diagrams above, start signal is going to the ecu, But I cannot see output to the starter trigger. Is there a direct wire from the ignition switch or does the ecu control the start relay? At the start relay, do you have constant 12v at one pin and a signal 12v when key at start?
  5. The old plug is platinum tipped That’s why it has the taper.
  6. If you liked that @kyteler , you might like this... https://youtu.be/TU3urgUnPRU
  7. WOF needs to be on the drivers side. It does not have to be at the top. Affixing the WoF label The WoF label must be affixed by the vehicle inspector or a delegated employee of the inspecting organisation in one of the following positions: a) if the vehicle is fitted with a windscreen: i. to the inside of the windscreen facing outwards on the same side as the steering wheel, and ii. as close as possible to the edge of the windscreen where it is clearly visible from the outside and is not obscured by an anti-glare band or sticker https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/introduction/inspection-and-certification-process/issuing-the-wof-or-cof-label-evidence-of-vehicle-inspection
  8. Did some more digging. Managed to make it a bit better with hammer and dolly. Weld up the holes. Power file
  9. 91 should be fine, unless the timing has been advanced a bit. Keep an ear out for any pinging. In saying that, I use BP98 in my ‘70 Buick. Make sure you don’t use any fuel with ethanol in it, as is will eat at old rubber fuel lines. The wouldn’t worry about any additives. Unless you are doing 10s of thousands of miles a year, valve seat recession won’t be a problem. Post some pics of the Impala.
  10. Made some progress on the outside of the big corner job above Welds got a bit hot and bowed out a bit, so I dug some more bog out. Bit of a mess under there.
  11. AllTorque


    Flip them on the rims so the outside is now the inside?
  12. @Esky_addict Do you realise that @cletus answers all these questions for free to help out old schoolers? I’m sure he doesn’t need his time wasted with hypothetical questions. Also remember that he does not make the rules.
  13. I have been a lazy ass the last couple of weeks. Started on the outside of that corner. I got it a bit hot and it warped a little. Going to have a go at shrinking.
  14. Get some semi sealed and some plus 50 bulbs https://www.narva.com.au/products/72040 these still have the old look but better with H4 bulbs. I wouldn’t recommend led bulbs in your dash. It can make it too bright.
  15. They need cert as the height can be adjusted.
  16. Number plate is not a wof thing, only the light is. Here is what NZTA say “All plates must be fixed securely to the vehicle in an upright position. They must be displayed so that all the characters (numbers and letters) are clearly visible at all times. A motorcycle, moped, tractor, trailer or trade plate must be fixed on the rear of the vehicle.“ https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/licensing-rego/number-plates/
  17. Some one that fixes cars for a living and wants to be paid more than a burger flipper?
  18. WOF inspectors generally don’t have access to the hobby car manual. The VIRM (WOF rules) has tables of what does not need cert, so anything else does. For suspension see here and go to tables and images https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/steering-and-suspension/steering-and-suspension-systems
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