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    The plan is to build a fully functioning bobber to ride. It will be a rat project but with as many repurposed items used without replacing a prefectly fine part with something just for the sake of it. If i need a particular part i will try and make/recreate it using something ive found in the junk pile. Hopefully i will end up with a cheap, functioning and most importantly asthetically pleasing bobber for cruising. The basis for the build comes courtesy of Dave (Roman) Its a 19something Honda TL125 (we believe its a TL) I picked it up today with the help of Thomas (KIRK) and his van. After getting it home and trying the kick start which appeared to be jammed i got a little to ega on the socket trying to get the spark plug out and broke it. WIll curse and swear and throw screw extractors at it tomorrow. So after all this i thought id have a quick fiddle with the forks and rear. The red line shows the extra bars i will add for the hard tail (Actual design is subject to change with warning). These will have to wait till im back at work to bend em up. I will jig it all up on my bench once the engine currently sitting on it is collected. Help keep everything straight and set to the right height. Oh i fliiped the bars and controls for good measure too, Pass cert aye? Made up a quick suicide shift but i think it has too much weight/leverage and i dont think it would stay in each gear. Will need to look into how people make these. New road forks need to be found along with some clipons. I have a rough idea of what i want. This definatley wont be quick, i want it done right and if that means waiting for the right parts to come along im OK with that. Being a trials bike it has quite a large rear sprocket and close ratio box apparently. Full tit, top gear, 50 km according to Roman senior. SO... thats not going to cut it. Minimum i will change the rear sprocket and see how it goes. Thats it for now.
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    do not forget to take off one of the battery leads if you have not already
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    The reverse switch was fucked on the 4 speed. IIRC all the wiring was sweet apart from the switch.
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    update with pic truck went in for a wof today passed clean sheet not bad since it hasent had a wof since 2010
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