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  1. super fucking great news man!!! well done, just in time to buy that AC 124 too.
  2. and also i forgot about this. here is some footage of the drag day that was shown on TV. we're the first feature in the program. i talk and look stupid. which is pretty much standard for me.
  3. one of the reasons i put 17s on it was so i could run bigger brakes. i had to make some brackets (well, Neil at Whiters made them for me because he's a super GC) to get them to fit and it all went together perfectly. they are a Yellow Speed kit designed for a V spec R33 GTR - 330 dia x 32 thick with a 6 piston caliper. they arent bedded in properly yet but sweet baby jebus do they stop you in a hurry. i used a G meter to calibrate the difference between before and after and the calculations came out at 2 billion percent better. pictures of things. 2017-02-25_05-17-32 by sheepers, on Flickr 2017-02-25_04-36-53 by sheepers, on Flickr 2017-02-25_04-36-41 by sheepers, on Flickr 2017-02-25_04-36-28 by sheepers, on Flickr
  4. the brake pedal travel would be dictated by the master cylinder rather than the booster wouldn't it?
  5. yea this aint no show car. its sole purpose in life is to go really fast round corners and make me smile. and the last time i drove it in anger was the best smiles this car has ever generated.
  6. its alway function over form with this car. and man does it function with the wider rubber on it.
  7. someone gave me one of these once. its the worst thing that has ever happened to me. well, that and being press ganged into club thirtyidiot.
  8. take your fuel flap into auto industrial and they will match some paint and put it in a rattle can for you. its not cheep but ill be the right colour. pay to give them a ring and talk about what you're after. they are usually pretty busy so see when they can do it.
  9. I've done a bit of fucking around with the front end to get it to handle better. i had about a 15mm gap between the rim and the strut on the inside so i decided it would be good to decrease the scrub radius as much as i could to stop it feeling all twitchy at speed. by a combo of different length LCA's, narrower spacer and a couple of other things i managed to get the wheel within 3mm of the strut. the difference is night and day. the caster, camber and toe are all over the show and basically set up by eye but its millions better than it was. ill get the front end setup properly next week but its already a massive win.
  10. +1 vote for it being in other projects.
  11. ah, cannot help sorry. thought it was 4 stud.
  12. what's the stud pattern? i might have some wheels you could try. also what does this thing weigh?
  13. thats another good thing to check thanks fletch. and yea i really should make a front for it, i've been meaning to do that for about 8 years now..........
  14. yea thats an idea. but TBH i dont know that the steering was much to do with the way felt. if anything it was getting lift in the front from the extra air going under the car. fuck knows at this stage but ill try your suggestion for sure..